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We present to you collection of themed photography magazines published by Camerapixo with astounding work by photographers from around the world.

Camerapixo photography magazine

Regular Camerapixo

The main mission of our magazine is to promote photography and to ensure coverage of all photographers, professional and amateur, who capture moments that intrigue them in fascinating ways. Your work can be part of this collection too and thus be seen by several thousand people from all over the world. Experience the joy of photography with this publication, which is rich in diverse themes from enchanting world of macro, food, landscape, architecture to street, portrait and more. Photography is universal language that doesn't create boundaries between people, thus we dedicate each issue to that.

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hots hosts worldwide photography


We do not just publish photos, we publish work of talented photographers. HOT SHOTS are the results of very unique vision along with right place at the right time moment, that a photographer captured with the camera. No matter the gear or advancement in photography all it takes is that one of a lifetime photo or simply stunning photography work. In this publication we publish photos of all types and themes. It is a collection of images which embrace decisive composition and technique, combination of artistic vision.

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Fineart Photography Magazine

Fineart Magazine

FINEART issue is one of the most popular editions. It allows for tremendous freedom in creating images and pursuing photographers vision. Each issue will inspire and motivate you to view architecture, landscape and nature and experience it comprehensively. These images will slow you down and will let you see photographers expression and creativity with an integral approach as conceptual framework.

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Nature photography magazine

Nature Magazine

In Nature photography there are no rules as to the techniques, since there are numerous subjects, but a photographer must truly appreciate nature to photograph it well. We choose the best photos to appreciate the beauty of nature and simply present it as natural as it can be. You will find in this magazine landscapes and wildlife. Photographers, by using their vision, are unleashing the majestic power of vast landscapes but at the same time it's fragility. This type of photography drives us toward nature, a place which we need to be closer to each day, because after all it's the only place where we can be ourselves.

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Black and White photography Magazine

Black and White Magazine

Many of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring photographs are in black and white. Although color is an important part of photography and design, sometimes limiting the colors can result in powerful imagery. Black and white photography has a way of letting the viewer really experience the image. In these issues we publish different black and white photos for your inspiration. The magazine features stunning contemporary images from some of the finest black and white photographers worldwide.

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Pose and Style Photography Magazine

Pose and Style Magazine

Pose and Style magazine is dedicated to pose, boduoir, portrait, glamour and fashion photography. Successful boudoir, fashion or portrait  photographer is all about making the client/model feel confident and beautiful. These image are a perfect example of different uses of a soft light and interesting outdoor and indoor locations. Either black and white or color it's a storytelling and embracing the moment.

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Photojournaism and documentary photography

PRESS Documentary Photography Magazine

Camerapixo publishes a dedicated magazine to documentary photography and photojournalism. Available online in digital version. As a Press ID Card holder you may publish your work in PRESS magazine as well as street photography in our new Black and White Photography Magazine. You may submit your work for a review and acceptance for publication in this magazine. Global events, lifestyles and more.

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Wedding Photography Magazine

Wedding Photography Magazine

Wedding photography has come a long way. Thanks to camera technology and powerful image editing tools, wedding photographers are able to create and manipulate photos, creating exceptionally unique wedding photos like never before. Whether your big day is close or you are a photographer looking for inspiration this magazine is for you. 

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Inside Out Photography Interviews

Inside Out Photography Magazine

Get close and personal with talented photographers by reading new Camerapixo issues Inside Out. It's all about behind the scenes to hear their unique stories on how they got into photography. Check out these interviews to inspire, learn or simply get to know the person whose photos you admire. 

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Photography Awards

Photography Awards Magazine

This special Camerapixo issue is dedicated to all awarded photos. There is nothing more flattering than being appreciated for what you do, especially in a highly competitive field such as photography, so we encourage photographers to keep submitting their best shots. Great new inspirations and amazing worldwide photograhers are presented in this magazine.

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Limited Photo Edition Magazine

Limited Photo Edition Magazine

Coming soon. Stay tuned!

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