Vietnam - Mosaic of Contrasts

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VIETNAM: MOSAIC OF CONTRAST Volume I photography book is a fantastic ourney by Réhahn combined with fresh design by Camerapixo Team. Please read a few words about the photographer and the book below. 

BOOK INFO: 140 pages, 145 photos of Vietnam, Dimension: 28x33cm, Languages: English and French

From François Tonniac "...All these portraits set within a time frame of a true expression are a part of the photographer’s quest, of the eye that decides and beyond, the free will that is released much more than the aperture of the lens. The gesture is reflexive and voluntary; his photographs do not lie to us, they are not falsified. They aim to materialise the globetrotter’s quest and it is this permanent quest that gives meaning to all the moments that procure the contents. All these faces, all these hands, all these expressions captured in the raw do not lead the person astray in his search for beauty. On the contrary, the quality of the photograph is not what it conveys, nor is it the mirror of an eye bereft of motives or lenses.  

Réhahn is one of those who seeks to give as much as he receives, who wants to smile as much as those who smile, to embrace the earth so strongly, to bare open a soft heart to those who know how to be stirred. That is how one can dive into the hearts of the Vietnamese people. Réhahn is a seeker of plain, unvarnished truth, a seeker of humanity..." More about the book and how to order you will find on Réhahn's offcial website

NOTE: With great pleasure we would like to let you know that currently we are working on VIETNAM: MOSAIC OF CONTRAST Volume II (available bofore Christmas 2015)

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