The TTS Fast Panel for Photoshop

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The TTS Fast Panel is a free Photoshop extension that will help you to improve your images, make your workflow easier and faster. The Panel includes a series of most useful effects used during Photoshop workflows, easy to launch and useful for improving the quality of your pictures. NOTE: The Panel run in all Photoshop CC versions, it is easy to install with the help of auto installer

What the Panel include:

  • Luminosity Masks
  • Orton Effect
  • LAB Color
  • High Details
  • Sharpen
  • Autumn Colors
  • Dodge & Burn


  • Added midtones stand alone masks
  • Better Autumn Colors
  • Better sharpen
  • Undo and Redo buttons added
  • Correct some technical issues
  • User friendly messages added
  • Working link at the bottom

TTS Panel Download

Whatch the video to discover the Panel features:

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