RTL GP Pre-proloog

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MX, drifting rallycars and mud spitting race trucks present the 14th RTL GP Preproloog 2017 at the Eurocircuit (Valkenswaard - The Netherlands). For this event Dutch participants of the 2018 Dakar Rally as the 2018 Africa Eco Race raced each other during the showcase race. It seemed to be a sunny, windy day but some heavy rain turned the off road track into a great pool of mud. The bikes, the buggies and the race trucks gave the audience a really nice show. Spectators, posting by the water pool were often treated with great water splashes while others saw hillclimbing, fast hill descending as numerous jumps. Sunday, 2nd of January, the Africa Eco Race starts as the 2018 Dakar Rally will start the 6th of January.

Official website: http://preproloog.nl/

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