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1. On a trip to London we stayed a lot of times in the Subway. Some of the escalators where in their own tube tunnel. Here I just waited on top for the right person going down. I waited some more seconds until I followed him in the right distance.

2. While taking the shot, I have already tried to be as levelled and centred as possible. The focus was on the guy running down the escalator. Normally I shoot several frames in burst mode just to get the perfect frame.

3. In Adobe Lightroom I first level and crop the photo. Here I didn't have to do a lot. Since the OM-D is in 4:3 format, I cropped on the top to make it look wider.

4. The before shot is pretty flat and grey. Therefore I added a lot of contrast (+100) and Clarity (+50).

5. I reduced the Highlights and Whites (-50/-70), increased the Blacks (-20) and increased the Exposure as a whole (+20)

6. It was a bit dark in the tunnel and the ISO was set by the camera to 1600. I have corrected this in post processing with Luminance in the Noise Reduction of Detail by 10.  

7. In order to increase the tunnel effect, I had to add a massive vignette. The amount was set to -75 and the Feather to 100. 

8. Normally my post processing time is less than one minute, but here I spent a bit more time. It all depends on the original material. 

9. At the end I press SHIFT + ALT + CMD + E to export the photo into my "To Upload" folder, before I upload it to my Flickr stream.

10. I used an Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the M.Zuiko 12mm f/2.0 lens from Olympus. The EXIF data were 12mm - f/2.0 - 1/80 - ISO 1600

Here is the final result on Flickr:

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