NATO Tiger Meet

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Tiger Meets are the Association’s reason for being. While in the early days the Tiger Meet was mainly a social get together from Tiger squadrons things changed rapidly and tactical flying exercises were soon implemented into the Tiger Meet program. On a typical Tiger Meet flying program you will find all possible combat training. Due to the growing helicopter force within the Tigers and their heavy use in today’s conflicts, they are integrated within the mission as Forward Air Controllers, insertion and extraction of ground forces, or in a CSAR role. Beside their work within the COMAO’s the helicopter force often practices with local army (special) forces. Whenever possible, Tiger Meets are incorporated into larger scale exercises like Clean Hunter 01, Anatolian Eagle, and Daring Eagle 02. During an average 2 week Tiger meet not less than 800 sorties are typically flown by the Tigers. No need to say that people involved in mission planning and aircraft maintenance also have a busy working schedule.

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