Malegno Borno

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8,590 meters long, 558 meters in altitude between start and finish. these Data for fans and lovers of racing cars are not just cold numbers, but real must and distinctive features of a competition that has few alternatives in Europe: Vallecamonica trophy. Authentic natural speed track, the time trial Malegno - Ossimo - Borno has many clones in world, but few or no other event can boast similar features. Knows the Automobile Club of Brescia that preserves its history and will ensure its projection towards the future, keeping alive the tradition of a competition beloved and coveted by all cronomen. A year has passed the half-century old arena Vallecamonica, and 13 September 2015 celebrated its 45th edition, another piece that goes to establish and settle in indissolubly Ente Brescia motorsport event and to local government that host.

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