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In many cases we take several exposures for blending images, many times we use software to make this, the same Photoshop has several functions to blend several exposures. But many of these software do not always give clean and sharp results. For this reason, the best result is to make a manual blending and one of the best methods to do this is by using the Luminosity Masks.

Luminosity Mask are an advanced method of selection that allows you to control the contrast of your image in specific tonal ranges. They have the ability to overcome shortcomings in the tonal values that were captured by the camera or film and to correct tones that shifted during image manipulation. I always use luminosity masks in my images.

Let's see an example how to use them:

  1. Import two images to blend as layers, from the darker to lighter,
  2. Create a layer mask into the first layer (fill it with black if you need to hide the content),
  3. Launch the action, select channels into the Layers Palette. You’ll see 4 channels, RGB, Red, Green and Blue and the luminance masks created from brights (black) darks (white) midtones (grey),
  4. To select the luminosity mask you need, brights darks or midtones, select the mask holding Cmd (MAC) or Ctrl (Win) clicking on the mask. You will see the marching ants, this will be the area affected by selection,
  5. Apply the selection to the layer mask with Cmd+H (MAC) or Ctr+H (Win),
  6. With a brush (white or dark) paint the area interested from the luminance mask selection, you will see brush will only affect the selected area.

In this way you can select only the affected areas and do a clean and with no-noise manual blendig. You can continue to apply selection for every exposure you have or apply the luminance masks to curves or levels layer to increse contrast.

This is only one of the multiple use that you can do with the luminosity masks, you find more information on my website where you can download the action with video tutorial on how to use the effect.

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