Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 2016

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Organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in collaboration with Boat International Media, the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta hosts a maximum of thirty of the world’s largest and most beautiful sailing yachts. In four days of racing through the granitic islands of Sardinia’s La Maddalena archipelago, the boats have challenged with the participation of some of the best sailors in the world, such as Ian Walker, Jochen Schumann, Jesper Bank and Tommaso Chieffi . The next appointment for the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta is in 2017 with the Caribbean edition scheduled to be held in Virgin Gorda from 10 - 13 March. 

I’d like to send a special thanks to Artur and Anetta, for their support to let me obtain the accreditation to event as Freelance Photojournalist.

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