Cracovia Ice Hockey Strong Team

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CRACOVIA - the oldest active sport club in Poland. The chronicles of 1912 contain the first pieces of information on hockey in Cracow. On the 4th of February 1912 at an ice rink in Jordan’s Garden, Cracovia lost 7-5 to Amatorski Klub Hockeyowy from Cracow. But it was a dozen or so years later when the hockey team really emerged. Starting with 1923 it was coached by Józef Lustgarten and consisted of Jan III Sobieski High School students. The first official game was played on the 17th of February 1924 when Cracovia won 1-0 to AZS. 

Pasy had their first major success in 1926 when they won an unofficial Cracow championship, beating Jutrzenka 4-1 and Makkabi 3-0. The first post-war league competition was played in 1946. Cracovia earned qualification to the final round coming first in the region (defeating Wisła 7-1 and Legia 25-0). After having won all of the matches in the finals (5-1 with ŁKS, 3-0 with Siła Giszowiec and 4-0 with Lechia Poznań) they were the Champions of Poland. The club confirmed their dominance in the following years, winning the league title in 1947, 1948 and 1949. 

Unfortunately, after years of success our hockey team suffered the same fate as our footballers. Cracovia struggled with many problems and it seemed that our hockey team belongs to the past. It was after a few decades that thanks to a sponsor Comarch the team was brought back to life. In 2003 Pasy returned to the first division and in 2005 won a bronze medal. And that was only the beginning!  We had a strong team that was built consistently which produced great results in the 2005-06 season. Comarch Cracovia was undeniably the best and for the sixth time won the title, defeating GKS Tychy in exhilarating finals. This grand success was a great way of celebrating Cracovia’s 100 year anniversary. In 2008 Pasy came first again and the next season ended in glory for Cracovia as well. In the two finals Cracovia competed against GKS Tychy. 

Pasy were league champions again in 2011 and 2013. They masterminded the triumph in the 2012-13 season. Not being considered a favourite to win the league title after finishing fourth in the regular season, they rose to the occasion in the play-offs, qualifying for European competition. The last two seasons (2013-14 and 2014-15) were not marked by success as the team did not get through to the semi-finals. Comarch Cracovia strengthened before the 2015-16 season by bringing in many fantastic players, some of whom play for the Poland national team. We want to regain the league title and have the opportunity to play in the Champions Hockey League.  Season 2015/16 was the hockey team Cracovia! In December Cracovia won the Polish Cup, and on March 26, after three years of absence, regained the title of Polish cChampion, beating GKS Tychy. It is the 11th title of Polish Champion in the history of club.


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