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How many times happened to edit an image in Photoshop and think that would serve the final touch? Something that would miss but you can not think? Personally I think that Color Lookup function is a good source of inspiration in Photoshop and an alternative way to add contrast and color in your picture. This presets are known as lookup tables.

Essentially, a lookup table contains a series of instructions to take the original colors in your image and remap them to give to your image a specific look. Depending on which lookup table you choose, the remapped  image can be subtle or very dramatic. The application of color lookup allows you to give a different look to the photos including color, detail, contrast, light and shadow in one touch. Obviously with the due limitations of a preset, for this reason very important is to know how to adjust the Lookup Tables to apply them better and in the more appropriate way to our image. Let's do it!

1. Select  Color Lookup in the Adjustments panel.  (this will create an adjustment layer directly above the original image)

2. Open the Color Lookup adjustment layer: (you'll find all of the various lookup tables to choose from in the Properties panel, select 3DLUT File)

3. This opens a menu of all the lookup tables in that category. In my image for example I select filmstock_50

4. You can create any lookup you want, I selected other two additional lookup tables Fuji ETERNA250D Kodak 2395 and  Kodak 5205 Fuji 3510.

5. Now you will have 3 lookup adjustment layer above the image, reduce the opacity or change the blend mode at your personal taste. In my picture I reduce the opacity from 15 to40% between the three adjustment layers, without touching the blend mode. If you like to change it, best combinations are using  ScreenMultiplyOverlay and Soft Light

If yo like to apply the color lookup selectively:

  1. Select the white square inside the color lookup adjustment layer
  2. Press Ctrl+I (PC) or (Cmd+I) MAC to invert the selection
  3. Select a white brush and set the opacity around 20-30%
  4. Start paint the areas of the image that you want affect by the color lookup
  5. Repeat point 4 for evert adjustment layer you create using lookup tables

To help give your photo its own unique style with these effects presets, try mixing in different blend modes and layer opacity values, or take advantage of the adjustment layer's built-in layer mask to limit the area that's affected by the Color Lookup adjustment and unlock more creative possibilities!

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