Actions speak louder than words

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When did you start getting into photography and what inspired you to pick up a camera?

Well, I started getting into photography when I was in University. I graduated from Faculty of Communication where I studied photography for two years. Previously, I was using camera just as a hobby. However, my photography teacher inspired me. We were working on film processing together for many hours after our main courses. After six months passed, full of joy photography experience, my main goal in life was just taking pictures and processing them.

How would you describe your photographic vision? What kind of feel do you try and create in your photos?  

What inspires me is simply “People’s emotions, lives and situations”. I find myself walking some streets of Istanbul that I’ve always walked, but now I see things and angles that I haven’t seen before.This is the magic of photography. I love shooting objects or a place with character; again the human factor is so important, the impression without human is worthless.

Have you ever missed a shot that you still think about?

Yes of course. As a photographer and especially a street photographer, I generally have  been missing some shots. It is all about being in the right place at the right time. Even one second can change the ambience. So, I need to be so punctual to be more effective. This is the way the street photographers are. There could be also some unluckiness. For example, last year when I was in Cappadocia, photographing the wild horses running through the lake, my camera just froze and I couldn’t take the photo of one of the best moments.

Your photographs have the great quality of making the viewer feel involved – how do you achieve this?  

I think this is integrated with your feelings, emotions, and especially with your experience. You cannot take impressive photos when you are not a part of the subject. You have to know how to feel, where to stand, how to communicate. But the most important thing is loving your job and making the most of it. Love is very important and this doesn’t have be a love vowed to a human being. Love can be everywhere; nature, animal, sky, especially in life itself.

What are your thoughts on raw images vs images that have been worked on (photoshop)?

I always take images in raw format. It doesn’t matter how much space it takes in my hard drive or how long it takes to back up them. Because every photo you shoot is very important in your life. You freeze emotions, memories, lives in a small period of time. So every photo needs to be processed excellent. Hence, you must take raw images.

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect about your type of photography that you do?

Angry, angry, angry... I could not sleep until I find a solution. 

A lot of photographers are particular to their gear. What is your favorite camera or lens? Tell us about your camera?

I am using Sony A99 for a long time. I love its color range and lenses. I think Sony 70-200G and Zeiss 16-35mm are the best lenses. And Zeiss 85mm lens is best for portrait shooting. The best spec of my camera is speed. And electronic viewfinder is plus. 

Is there any particular technique that you could share?  

I use miniature tripod in street long shots. You can find marvelous frames by lower angles.

If you were not able to do the things you do, what would do instead?   

I always prepare a plan B. I want to accomplish my project as soon as possible.

What would be your words of inspiration and wisdom for photographers who are just starting out, for those who just found their passion, and those who seek their own style? What is the most important thing you learned that you want to share with the world?

I think that being a good photographer one needs to get to know better himself very well. Then he has to find himself to express his emotions to people. And to not give up no matter what kind of situations one faces. I follow many photographers to improve myself, outside of my photos that I have taken so far. Every day I look at the photos of every kind, for nearly 2 hours. I read many many books about photography especially Ara Güler, Steve Mccurry & Sebastiago Salgado. Last Words to Earth “Actions speaks louder than words”

Thank you Merthan for taking the time to do this interview.
We are happy to welcome you on board among other photographers.
Your photography is very valuable in this community and very beneficial for our readers.
Camerapixo Team

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