10 step processing technique

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1. Automerge HDR in Lightroom or manually in Photoshop;

2. Lens correction via camera profile;

3. Create a flat and low contrast image with as much tonal values as possible with shadow and highlight recovery, as well as exposure and black/white tone adjustments;

4. First color corrections if necessary;

5. Develop 16-bit uncompressed tiff file.


6. Dogde and burn;

7. Final contrast curve adjustments with luminance masks, gradients and manual masks;

8. Final color corrections;

9. This step is a proprietary trade secret :) (it is about creating a personal, unique and distinctive look that should unveal your personal VISION and reveal the essentials of the subject with the tools of your choice evolved over years through personal post production experiences highly depending on the specific motive itself.);

10. Sharpen.

More HOW TO on the way...

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