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Nuno Trindade Nuno Trindade

I'm proud to be here

I'm proud to be here since the beginning of this excellent project. Camerapixo, with Anetta and Artur leading it, is more, much more, than just another photography magazine, like so many out there. It's a brand with a seal of high quality, growing each day and making the difference, with a range of magazines with a variety of subjects, always with high standards. I hope it will stay like that in the future.
Keep up the good work, always with the passion for Photography!

David Hendrawan David Hendrawan

one of the most amazing and beautiful portfolios I've ever witnessed

It is still in my mind, when first time Artur contacted me through email to publish one of my photos in CAMERAPIXO issue, called "Hot Shots" in the middle of February 2013. Since that time, as an amateur, I was so motivated to create and process my photos just like the professional photographers in the magazine. I find that CAMERAPIXO’s tagline "We Inspire", is not just a word but really a strong word, realizing that every page of photo published in the magazine was shot by the professional photographer and the best result indeed.  I believe it is not an easy effort for Artur and Anetta to collect masterpieces from all over the world, and lay them out in a great picture album like CAMERAPIXO magazine. One greatest moment for my career in photography came when my other photos were published in the newest issue of CAMERAPIXO magazine "Pose & Style". Artur and Anetta really know what they are doing and the result, as you can see is one of the most amazing and beautiful portfolios I've ever witnessed, which, I believe, is a benefit for me as a portrait photographer. When I ordered the printed version of the magazine, I was surprised that the magazine looks more like a photo album with great printed copy and nice cover than an ordinary photography magazine. You won’t regret to have them all as collectible items. If I have to give only one word for CAMERAPIXO, I will say "Outstanding"! I really love their works and magazines and I think you will love them too.

Alex Soh Alex Soh

Well selected a range of great photographers

It was a great pleasure to published with Camerapixo. I have never come acrossed a photography magazine that trurely page after page showing just all beautiful pictures. You have also well selected a range of great photographers and a black background website that brings out all the beautiful colors of each image. I guessed you really understand the mind and heart of every photographer, because you are one of those. Thank you!

Philip Gunkel Philip Gunkel

Get the help you need to establish your photography business

Camerapixo is in my humble opinion simply the leading photography magazine on the market today with an unmatched image quality and a superior overall design. It offers far more then publishing your pictures and getting worldwide exposure. With Camerapixo you can build your network in an active community and evolve your style by learning and exchanging from other artists. You can create a descent looking profile, order your own Press ID-Card and discover interesting recources like tutorials, books, workshops etc. To sum it all up on Camerapixo.com you can get the help you need to establish your photography business on the market.

Helen Sotiriadis Helen Sotiriadis

One of the most beautiful photo publications

Camerapixio is one of the most beautiful photo publications I have seen. It has gorgeous photography from exceptional photographers. I am very proud and fortunate to have been included in its pages. You're doing a great job - Thank you and good luck with your new ideas!

Valentino Valkaj Valentino Valkaj

Publishing your work really matters after all

I discovered Camerapixo two years ago and since then I am tracking their improvement. All the time they are updating the experience we photographers and readers have and they are doing a terrific job. Since I was published and awarded for the first time last year in We Inspire 05, my followers are increasing, I made it from 2000 followers on FB page to more than 4000. Publishing your work really matters after all.

Noel Baldewijns Noel Baldewijns

I am amazed at the high quality of the print magazine

I got introduced to Camerapixo via the new group on facebook (en)Visionography - The New B&W Fine Art Photography. I was extremely happy receive my first media coverage ever with the picture Lady in black guarding the gate. I immediately received the "editor's award". From then on I started a race with myself wanting to become better and better. Several other publications have covered my work since then. Every time I have a new edition in my hands I am amazed at the high quality of the print magazine, filled with beautiful art photography, and I am very proud to be part of it on a regular base. The cover always looks great, and overall the publication enjoys a very high standard. It is always a pleasure to communicate with Artur and Anetta Heller who are truly dedicated to their publication. It is a great project that gives many photographers a chance to be published.

Varina Patel Varina Patel

Camerapixo compliments the work of its artists

Camerapixo offers a treasure chest of photographs and stories from passionate photographers all around the world. Every image is presented at large size, and with bold, true colors and tones. Every issue offers a wealth of information for those who want to learn more about photographers and their techniques. The magazine compliments the work of its artists with a consistently beautiful layout and design. It is always a pleasure to browse the latest issue.

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