WE Inspire 07

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Perfect morning light, mix of landscapes, street scene or just the right angle in architecture would make the ideal shot. If you would ask if all above is the answer to making your photo worth the attention, we would agree only if it matches your own style and expectations. Because the final result is really rewarding experience and challenge of getting a great shot and the desire to share it with photography community. These intriguing photos are brimming with inspiration and depth of photography power. We have published two amazing photography projects. One: Mechatronicus project constructed by Ruslan Nurgaliev is all about photography of installations. They are constructed from different objects, from the area of mechanics and electronics. The project presents Ruslan's imagination to achieve mystique nature of the objects on the photographs. Two: Urban Melodies by Alessio Trerotoli where he presents superimposing different pictures which are representation of urban landscapes and contemporary life from modern metropolis. Enjoy!

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