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Welcome to another great issue of Black and White photography. We were totally blown away by submitted photos for this edition and we know you will be too when you’ll take a look at these amazing photos. We would like to welcome our featured special photographer Peter Zurla who returned to photography after 40 years of absence and is here to give us a pass into seventies. Nowadays of instant digital imaging, black & white traditional photography still survives albeit more modestly, but its rich historical background still serves to inspire, educate and affect people emotionally as the contents of life and the world around us are brought before our eyes. One might ask when is the best time to use Black and White photography? All events,  portrait and even a cloudy day. Knowing the trick of when to use black and white photography instead of color will help you to get the most out of your photography. This issue’s published photographers see and frame the numerous facets of beauty and the astonishing peculiarity of what is around them. Their photos expose you to what they see and feel, their chara-cter and personality.

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