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For the past century, photojournalists have captured the emotions of our times. We feel pride, joy, sadness, the images  flood our senses. Photojournalists face many challenges but the images are worth each sleepless night, lack of comfortable bed or bad weather conditions. Through these images we may experience something more then usual. We have carefully selected the images in this issue to give our readers something to remember, get inspired, realize that world is filled with many different cultures, beautiful places but is also filled with pain. Nevertheless for each problem there is solution and there are people who fight for the rights of others, because what makes us human if not caring for one another. If you ever dreamed to become phtojournalist, to get started, a digital camera and a computer are a must. Take lots and lots of pictures. Become familiar and comfortable with your camera and surroundings. It may also be beneficial to take some business courses, get experience in the field, inspire and connect with other photojournalist. In order to stay current, and to make a name for yourself as a journalist, it’s imperative to share your images with the world and get published and expose your stories to millions of people.

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