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We invite you to mix from true and vivid colors to black and white. Eighteen photographers from different parts of the world will present their creative work. We will travel to Japan, thanks to Kouji Tomihisa and Dorothée Rapp. Jordana Wright will take us to the United States. The beauty of Great Britain as seen by Stephen Candler. We will snoop at Indian atmosphere and wedding thanks to Pradeep Sanyal. Paweł Tomaszewicz will take us to his world of HDR. There will also be a black and white journey into the past with Star Rush. Do not miss the world of product photography, in which we introduce Alex Koloskov. Marcin Pycha, Felix Wagner, Victor Bezrukov and Mike Shaw invite us on a walk through the streets. Mihailo Radičević will present a series of interesting portraits. We will also cook with Nicole Young, who is the author of the phenomenal book about food photography, which appeared a few weeks ago. Luca Mezzano is inviting us to the Italian fashion show and beautiful women in Italy. Little piece of Polish Fashion will present to us Marta Glinicka. Also we can not miss architectural photography by Helen Sotiriadis. A native of Australia, Nathan Mills will also present his work. Camerapixo invites you to browsing and inspiration...

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