Photography Awards 02

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Some of you might remember when you were a kid and people asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” – some of us knew the answer and aimed at it. Some of us explored because we wanted different things at different times. A paleontologist became photographer, a writer became photojournalist, a doctor became portrait photographer; they all have one thing in common which is photography. We are drawn to places, events and explore very simple concepts; loss, solitude, celebration. Landing in a new destination and capturing the culture and scenery of a place and constantly witnessing different landscapes and encountering different situations that keep our passion alive. Photography does not need to be translated it’s something to be admired and to bring us new emotions. With great pleasure we present to you all awarded photos from our previous issues of Camerapixo, because there is never enough amount of time to look at something beautiful. Congratulations to all photographers.

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