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Gerald Verdon Gerald Verdon

Stunning top quality work

I had the chance to know Artur and Anette Heller when they invited me to present some of my street work in Camerapixo. Although is always difficult, for a photographer, to deliver photos without having the final control over the way they will be published and presented, this process was surprisingly well prepared, cleverly accompanied and pretty smooth: overall, very professional. The publication itself, in all its versions, has proven to be a stunning top quality work. I’m still proud to link to my own mini port-folio on Camerapixo, as well to those of many great photographers I admire.

Fabrizio Quagliuso Fabrizio Quagliuso

Innovative idea

Artur, Annette and the whole Camerapixo team are doing a sterling job with the Camerapixo magazine. Their innovative idea is supported by an extreme attention to the selection process, to the level of the work featured and to the quality of the final product that make Camerapixo stand out from other somehow similar magazines available on the internet. It is a pleasure to flick through the pages of every issue. I was thrilled to be featured on the magazine and it gave me the opportunity to make many new photographic contacts and make my work known to a wider audience. I heard that Artur, Annette and the team have other great idea for the future of Camerapixo and I am looking forward to seeing what they will come up with!

Colby Brown Colby Brown

Finally a high quality magazine that focuses on photography

It is refreshing to see a high quality photographer magazine that actually focuses on photography, rather than ads. I love the independent nature of Camerapixo and how it lifts up emerging artists and gives them a viable platform to get their name out there. Too often publications focus on just those few at the top of their craft in their respective genre of photography. Camerapixo seems to be for everyone, and that is a breathe of fresh air! 

Thierry Dehove Thierry Dehove

Real "book" you want to keep even if there is digital

In the jungle of free publications that made us professional photographers, Camerapixo is a rare magazine to be savored each month, layout, format, the choice of photographers make it a real "book" you want to keep even if there is digital. It is an honor to be part of one of the issues, an honor to be part of this community that I respect so. Great job. Please do no stop us dreaming, traveling, especially to help. Anetta thank you, Artur thank you.

Raquel Von Kaminaru Raquel Von Kaminaru

The support you need is here

I never thought that an online service would help me boost my photographic confidence, but that is what happened with Camerapixo. I don't know any other site that can do that. Camerapixo's professionalism and services are different from everything I know out there. Having your photo published is important and a reason to celebrate, especially when you are published along with fantastic photographers that are just a source of great inspiration and admiration. Thank you, Camerapixo for being different, for encouraging us, for bringing us such amazing images and especially for your support and dedication.

Javier de la Torre Javier de la Torre

a magazine brand focused in high quality photography made by high quality photographers around the world

Which is my first thought when I'm thinking about Camerapixo? Thanks, thanks so much to Artur and Anetta for all their enthusiasm and professional work that they in publishing Camerapixo magazines. Thanks for creating a magazine brand focused in high quality photography made by high quality photographers around the world. Issue by issue, all magazines are inspiring, and they let us to discover all these talented photographers and their photos. And finally, thanks so much for supporting my work. I'm really honored to be part of Camerapixo family.

Jay Patel Jay Patel

Informative and of high quality

Camerapixo magazine provide a great coverage for work of the photographer. The design of the magazine is easy to navigate and the layout truly enables the photographer to showcase their work. Editor always ensure that the content selected is informative and of high quality that will keep the readers engaged.

Ignacio Navarro Ignacio Navarro

Magazine, packaging, editing, display and print quality makes Camerapixo a must and highly recommended experience

It is always a rewarding experience to value the work and passion, that you put, into what you do. And that's how Camerapixo does, and more specifically Artur and Anetta, they make it a unique experience. Work and quality of Camerapixo is felt immediately after receiving the "expected" magazine, packaging, editing, display and print quality makes Camerapixo a must and highly recommended experience. I would like to thank them for being to be able to present and publish my work through Camerapixo magazine, which is set to become a leader in the world of photographic publications. "Being able to share your work with the best, in such a large and diverse world, you feel at least most of it”. Thank you very much Camerapixo.

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