Infinite Perception

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In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject, it is all about the right moment to capture it or the moment becomes a past and does not exist anymore. We present to you exquisite collection of photos that convey a strong sense of place, energy and understanding of animal behavior. These images hold real memories and evoke powerful emotions, they show uniqueness of our world. Photographers by using their vision are unleashing the majestic power of vast landscapes but at the same time it’s fragility. We hope that they awake a respect for planet earth, in each of us, and the will to protect it better.  For some of us such photography has one goal and it is to be enjoyed or to ponder without any influence of knowing where that place is, but simply drives us toward nature, a place which we need to be closer to each day, because after all it’s the only place where we can be ourselves.

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