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Ivan Vukelic Ivan Vukelic

Photographic masterpiece

It is my honor to be part of a photographic masterpiece. Thanks to Anetta and Artur for making this wonderful magazine and web site where you can find very talented photographers from all over the world, who have one goal which is to show how beautiful place is planet earth

Tommaso Di Donato Tommaso Di Donato

Visibility, respect... a bit of fame!

There is not much left to say. I started reading and enjoying Camerapixo as a photography lover... I really appreciated the quality of the publication... and the love for photography that was absolutely visible in the curators... I was driven to Camerapixo by the work of great names, such Athena Carey... Fine art photography is easier to say than to find. What a great discover: an incredible magazine, full of inspirational names. And now? Now, after 2 years, I can say I'm one of the names that can be found in Camerapixo issues! Now my name is just side by side with great pros, and this is the best leverage for me to improve my work. I want to be up to my famous colleagues! And yes, I can't find the words to say how much Camerapixo did for me: visibility, respect... a bit of fame! Hard copy magazines with my picture as a front cover. Can I ask for more? Maybe, but I still don't know how!

Kevin Bessat Kevin Bessat

More than a magazine... a family!

Camerapixo is not just a group or a magazine, it is way more than that. The family gathers some of the best photographers, it is an infinite source of inspiration and above all, it is a family. Join the family and you will experience a totally new way to share, talk, live photography. Thank you and congratulations to Anetta and Artur for the constant work you are doing on Camerapixo and to give me the chance to be published!

Jasper Resari Jasper Resari

Beneficial and inspiring

Publication of my work was not just beneficial to me but also inspired me to do more, it inspired me to do the things that i love to do in photography which is to express more about my passion in photography. I'm very thankful to your publication, and I wish you would allow me again to submit more photos.

Markko Marcel Jarron Markko Marcel Jarron

Immediately impressed by the professionalism

I discovered the magazine CAMERAPIXO there not too long ago, but I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the layout and especially the quality of photos and photographers. I watch a lot of magazine photography, but this is the first time I discovered an incredible quality, both rendering photos and photographers as talented! I was very honored when I was contacted by Artur Heller for one of my photos published in the magazine. Very honored and very proud to be published by a magazine that shares such a passion for photography and gives me ideas for the rest of my photographic adventure. Artur Heller thank you and the entire team of CAMERAPIXO!

Noel Baldewijns Noel Baldewijns

I am amazed at the high quality of the print magazine

I got introduced to Camerapixo via the new group on facebook (en)Visionography - The New B&W Fine Art Photography. I was extremely happy receive my first media coverage ever with the picture Lady in black guarding the gate. I immediately received the "editor's award". From then on I started a race with myself wanting to become better and better. Several other publications have covered my work since then. Every time I have a new edition in my hands I am amazed at the high quality of the print magazine, filled with beautiful art photography, and I am very proud to be part of it on a regular base. The cover always looks great, and overall the publication enjoys a very high standard. It is always a pleasure to communicate with Artur and Anetta Heller who are truly dedicated to their publication. It is a great project that gives many photographers a chance to be published.

Tomasz Slawinski Tomasz Slawinski

Where light plays a big role

Quite recently I thought that my pictures are at the level of publications on social networks and blogs. However for some time I started to post them on the Camerapixo site and publish my photos in the magazine. I also found there a lot of inspiration. Thank you for being there and letting me you believe in myself!!! Now my world is more colorful than ever.

Nuno Trindade Nuno Trindade

I'm proud to be here

I'm proud to be here since the beginning of this excellent project. Camerapixo, with Anetta and Artur leading it, is more, much more, than just another photography magazine, like so many out there. It's a brand with a seal of high quality, growing each day and making the difference, with a range of magazines with a variety of subjects, always with high standards. I hope it will stay like that in the future.
Keep up the good work, always with the passion for Photography!

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