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Welcome to the latest special issue of Camerapixo devoted to the Worldwide Photowalk. This year we visited Wroclaw. On October 13th, 2012 there were walking 31,745 photographers worldwide. There have been a total of 1,339 walks in different parts of the world. Wroclaw photo walk was the largest in Poland of the 23 others. Wroclaw group had a total of 150 people! Amazing event, fantastic people, creative photography, desire to learn and spend a few hours in good company, great shots, new friends , exploring the secrets of photography - what more could you want. There were photo contests with interesting prizes! You could win a harness reporter, press passes, T-shirts. Thanks to everyone who walked this day with us, and especially Rafal Makiela, Dawid Martynowski, Pawel Kucharski, the whole team of Ateliora portal, owner, a large team from Silesia, guests from abroad, the central, western and northern part of the Poland. As you can see the distance does not matter! Thanks to Scott Kelby, for the opportunity to conduct this incredible walk! We have no choice but to invite everyone to walk again with Camerapixo. More details soon. Enjoy the magazine and share.

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