Being Published Matters

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Here we are with an astounding collection of inventive and fresh photography. Why do photographers publish their images instead of keeping it to themselves in their website portfolio? The answer is simple… they absolutely deserve and owe it to themselves and their hard work while creating the images, and being published builds a confidence and portfolio which is exposed to a wider audience. This special edition issue is dedicated to the Being Published  Matters! group on Facebook. The admins have carefully selected the best inspiring images that, in our opinion, were standing out. Congratulations to all published photographers and remember that it's the vision that creates the path, not the equipment. We know that photography may be inspirational and comes in handy when you can enjoy it in printed version, and this issue is available as a hard copy with 10 different covers to choose from and may be ordered anytime. If you think this might be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys photography, previous issues are also available in printed version. Enjoy!

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