8 Reasons to Apply for Press Card

8 good reasons why you should apply for your new Camerapixo PRESS CARD... Please read and apply today.

Fast Access

With a press ID card, journalists gain much faster access to various social events big or small, internationally. Gaining access to the Press Pit may sometimes be a difficult task but some events do not require applying for accreditation ahead, in this situation a PRESS card should suffice for entering. 

Gate opener

Provides access to blocked-off areas, backstage at events, trade shows or public institutions. Most photojournalists would not like to be without this document. This is much harder than one might think it is to obtain.

Proof and reputation

A Press ID Card is proof of a professional, reputable occupation, which means not just anyone receives such document. We carefully review each applicant for Press card, so before you apply make sure to have a working website or portfolio to present your experience with photography. Once you receive press credentials, the event organizers might want to to buy/use your images. 


It has helped many journalists get out of tricky situations when dealing with soldiers, police or officials. Not only it is useful when dealing with security personnel but also it makes it easier for photojournalist to move around and take photos as people may give you the advantage of trust.

Real value

It offers real value for photojournalists via the magazine, to publish their own articles and photos of events they covered. Once you are ready, submit your story to Camerapixo team for a review, we will be happy to publish it in PRESS dedicated issue. New experience in the field o photography is one of the advantages a photographer will enjoy.

Full year help
and support

Once you are Camerapixo Press Card holder, you will be supported by our team at all times. Either it's Letter of Accreditation or email from Editor-in-chief, we are here for you, to back you up all the way. For each requested event you will receive support by issued letters of confirmation (accreditation) from the editorial office.

Perfect For freelancers

Press ID Card is available for freelance journalists, writers and authors, photojournalists, press agents etc related to photography. It is absolutely the perfect tool when you have a project in mind and are working on your own terms. Do what it takes and you just might be the next big name in the Press industry.


Recognized worldwide

Camerapixo magazine is recognized, around the world, as one of the largest independent online photography magazines. Thanks to the variety of it’s publications and a diverse network of other journalists and media professionals, Camerapixo Press card makes it easy to start working as an independent contributor.

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