Press Cards For Freelance Photographers

A press pass (alternatively referred to as a PRESS CARD or a journalist pass) grants special privilege to photojournalists. Are you a street, documentary photographer? Do you travel often? Are you a sport photographer? Are you visiting interesting places, do you like all kinds of events, but can’t get in? We have a solution for you - International PRESS CARD issued by Camerapixo photography magazine. One of the most desired PRESS CARDS by photographers.

Camerapixo Press ID Card

Press ID Card

Let's define PRESS CARD. For some it might be just a piece of plastic to get you places with photography equipment. Well... Camerapixo PRESS CARD is much more than that. Media is a wide area of interest therefore a Camerapixo PRESS CARD is a practical document you might want to have if you are a photographer on the move and interested in publishing your stories. With Camerapixo you might later create a gallery dedicated to cultural events you’ve documented. There you have a portfolio and a tool in one place. Most journalist will present it while research on topics such as economics or politics therefore the card provides access to blocked-off areas at events, trade shows or public institutions.

What is Press ID Card

What is Press ID Card

The Camerapixo International Press ID Cards are for identification purposes only. Visiting events like concerts, football games, theater premieres, trade shows or other social functions and accessing media area is possible with Press Card, some events may require additional accreditation. The Camerapixo Press Card is issued to a freelancer. It is worldwide recognised and accepted. They identify the bearer as a working photojournalist. ANNUAL/RENEWAL FEE: Europe, North America: 149 USD, Rest of the World: 169 USD. Worldwide shipping and handling as well as full year support for photographer is included.

Benefits for Press Card Holders

Benefits for Press Card Holders

We provide you with letter of accreditation for any event worldwide. You may advertise your work on our social media networks and in the Camerapixo photography magazines. You will receive discounts for all our professional services from Camerapixo. As a Press ID Card holder you may always ask all kinds of institutions if they offer any discount for press card holder. Publication of your photoreportage in Camerapixo might be a great addition to your portfolio. While at "work" media facilities may be available and meeting interesting people will be within your reach.

Dedicated RESOURCE page is also waiting for you. That's where you can publish your photoreportage from the event you attended with Camerapixo Press Card. The more you publish the more chances of getting accreditation to future events.

Press Photography Magazine

Dedicated press
photo magazine

Camerapixo publishes PRESS MAGAZINE dedicated to documentary photography and photojournalism. Available online in digital version. As a card holder you may publish your work in PRESS. You may submit your work for a review and acceptance for publication in this magazine. We present professional photojournalism from around the world. With photojournalism, a photographer is focused on using images to tell a story of cultural events, photo essays and more. CHECK THE LATEST PRESS ISSUE

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY FOR PUBLICATION:  To submit your images and story, please email us with link to your website or blog for a review. Or submit up to 5 photos for HOT SHOT section.


8 Good Reasons to Apply for press badge

8 Good Reasons
to Apply


More detailed information you can find here.

What Will I Get

What Will I Get
When Approved

First we will email you digital copy of your Certificate of Accreditation along with a digital copy of small Press ID Card in a digital eBook. You can already use your digital ID to get accreditations to certain events. When you Press ID Cards are printed you will receive via regular mail (post office) the following:

  • 1 PRESS ID CARD: Small - wallet size with card holder
  • 1 PRESS ID CARD: Large for better visibility on events with card holder
  • 1 printed LANYARD "Press Camerapixo Photography Magazine"
testimonial about press card

Camerapixo Press Card
opened all the doors

"I was recently in Serbia making pictures of the terrible floods there, and my Camerapixo PRESS CARD opened all the doors for me. Where entrance was not allowed, when I showed my PRESS CARD I was allowed to enter. Also I was asked by a border guard  for a second photo ID besides my passport, and when I showed him my PRESS CARD all was OK. So I am a very happy user, as I was not sure how it would work." - John Palmer

"This PRESS CARD opens many doors for me, that have never been opened before... I can highly recommend this card for anyone who wants to work with photojournalism, full-time, part-time or freelance. Very grateful to be a part of the Camerapixo family with all of these talented photographers worldwide!" - Magnus Persson

Support fro card holder

Support for
card holders

Along with the International Press ID Cards you will get FULL SUPPORT for one year of the date your card was issued. You will also receive help with getting accreditation for any event. Camerapixo Press Card is recognized and accepted worldwide by many event organizers. To receive a letter of accreditation from Camerapixo please use the button above. We will issue a Letter of Accreditation to the specific event which you will forward further. There might be some events which will not require any accreditation and Press ID Card will completely suffice itself. Our Press ID card holders are successfully using the card globally. It does make the photojournalist work easier and quicker.

Press photojournalist profile for photographers on Camerapixo

Press Dedicated badge on Camerapixo photographer profile

If you have purchased Membership (Recommended) on Camerapixo and you are a holder of Camerapixo Press ID Card, you will receive dedicated press badge which will allow confirmation of credibility as a Freelance Certified Photojournalist. Badge is available only with valid Press ID Card. The profile (only if approved) and badge will further serve as a reference for all your event accredittions when needed.

Camerapixo Press Vehicle Identification Card

Press Vehicle Identification Card

We would like to introduce our new Press Vehicle Identification Card which is included in the package. It is an valuable companion for all journalists day-to-day routine when driving and working on your photography assignment.

Personalized vest for photojournalists

Personalized vest for photojournalists

As you know taking photos in different public places sometimes requires a press identity card and even to wear a vest. That's why we also offer personalized yellow vests. They are available as additional tool (not included in the press package) which can help you in the field during some of the events or assignments. Essential apparel for photojournalists. We offer yellow color in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL with double band and brace safety reflective strips. The vest has imprints at the front (including your name and a last name) and in the back huge CAMERAPIXO Press logo. Note that the vest is a separate product, not incuded in your press package.



We would like to introduce our new personalized luggage travel ID Card. It is an valuable companion when traveling. You may personalize it with your favourite photos and any information that you would like to include. The standard set includes 8 double sided printed cards.


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