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Tommaso Di Donato biography

Tommaso Di Donato is a landscape photographer based in Italy. His love for photography started may years ago... when he was a poor student, and he used a film Ricoh camera to take pictures during family holidays. 

Digital photography opened a complete new world to him: initially he felt in love with HDR landscapes, and the world of digital blending. Feeling that HDR was looking too much "fake", he started experimenting with different techiniques. At the moment, he loves to combine traditional approach (based on optic glass filters) to a complex workflow of digital blending. The idea is to show something that is not directly onder everyone's eyes, but keeping the mood of the scene. 

Since 2016 he's a testimonial of Haida gear.

In the last years he got many international awards:

  • International Photography Awards 2015
  • International Photography Awards 2016
  • Finalist at Siena International Photography Awards 2016
  • Landscape Photographer of the week for Landscape Photography Magazine
  • Published on many newspapers and e-magazines. 

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