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Stéphane Sayeb and Victoire Brotherson biography

Stephane Sayeb, born in sweet France from a French translator mother and Tunisian Musician Father, has been living in Tahiti, French Polynesia for the last 20 years. Photography has become the fountain pen that he dips either in black, white or colored ink to substitute his words to describe the world.

While in college, every Thursdays were dedicated to cultural discoveries and this is where Photography stood out from the other disciplines. Dark Rooms, enlargers and chemical solutions were setting the beginning of his interest. Later in 1981, Leica in hand, Stephane was walking the streets of Paris in quest of “blank” exposures because films and lab prints were out of his budget. The specific sound of the shutter and the view of a new world through the range finder created such emotion that this is where his passion really began.

As of today, thanks to his Fujifilm equipment, Stephane travels across french polynesia islands to capture everyday life moments, events, landscapes and various street photographs.

Victoire Brotherson, his girlfriend and assistant is born from a Chinese/Tahitian mother and Scandinavian/Tahitian father (who also was a photographer). She is a self taught photographer and is passionated by Studio portraitures especially in black and white. On the side she is also an computer graphic designer and web designer. Today, Stephane and Victoire are the “Dream Team” of Tahiti Zoom, the company who launched the biggest Event Photography database in French Polynesia.

Their Moto is “ Reconcile being with themselves”.

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