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Sal Virji biography

Salim Virji: most of you know me as ‘Sal’. I’m Canadian, and was born in India, and grew up in Toronto. I’ve had the privilege of knowing several cultures and speak 5 languages. Always had an affinity towards art, and film in particular. 

I started working at a time when film was film. Working with a physical emulsion, spending time in a dark room waiting to see my results made me realize this was my calling. With that said, life sometimes gets in the way and for a while photography was put aside, like an old camera.  But passion and purpose makes us who we are, so soon enough I was pulled back. 

In 2012 it all started coming back to me.  I continue to live in Mumbai India, love to travel the world, meet new people, learn about new cultures and share great stories with good food and local spirit! I keep trying to do a little more each time, and am humbled at the amazing photographers around the world, all of whom I try to learn from. That’s a little about me  - I look forward to getting to know many of you. Hopefully over local spirit.

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