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I am a 80-year-old cancer survivor. I was very involved with photography back in the 70s when it was film and darkrooms. My love of photography came out of a feeling of very low self-esteem. I had trouble expressing myself with words, but I found I could express myself through my photography. I vividly remember what it felt like to watch a photo in the developer come alive. “MAGIC”. It was a feeling I had never had before. To be able to create something that expressed what I saw and felt, wow! Then, as it often does, life intruded, but now after 40 years, I have gone full circle and have returned to photography. The vast learning curve and challenges of the digital world are huge, but I am eagerly pursuing this passion I abandoned so long ago. Life's twists and turns created a different world for me, but I never expected one of those twists to be cancer. Now, I am grasping all that I can which allows me to feel whole, rejuvenated, and purposeful.

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