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My name is João Rico, and I'm based in Peniche, a small town in the west coastal region of Portugal, and by the way a lovely place for shooting landscapes and surf.

Although not yet a skilful photographer, I do have a huge passion for photography. I just love to be outdoors shooting landscapes and using long exposures to achieve what i thing is one of the most challenging and beautiful forms of photography.

Been reading a lot about photographers that inspire me, like Joel Tjintjelaar, Julia Anna Gospodarou, Elia Locardi or Athena Carey, just to name a few. Lately i found in Camera Pixo another source of learning and inspiration. An outstanding magazine with outstanding photographers.

Although working in IT, my life is all about passion for other things, so, as for my other passions, i need to name the two that with Photography, give my life a huge meaning...Wine and Fishing.

Wine is already a second job and i do spend a considerable amount of time working with it.

Well, that's pretty much all folks. Good clicks to everyone!


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