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Dr. Akira Takaue biography

Dr. Akira TAKAUE is an International Award-Winning Fine Art Photographer, working for not only architectural photography as a professional architectural photographer but also various international huge construction projects worldwidely such as long-span cable supported bridges and relevant mega architectures as an architect and professional engineer. And has completed a Doctoral Degree (Dr.Eng., Ph.D.) in Structural Mechanics specialized in bridges and architectures, being involved with academic activity for such the fields in various international educational establishment and conferences.


For international photographic competition, MATRIX SERIES utilizing Flat-Plain Images won 1st place winner of the category of architecture in INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS and MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS, etc and won 2nd place winner of Japan Category at SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS; he has been world widely given high marks in the various international photographic competition.

​Besides, not only the MATRIX SERIES but also PORTAL SERIES, SKYLINE SERIES, BRIDGE SERIES, etc, various fine art concepts regarding photography of architecture and civil structures have received internationally high values and marks; present day, he is in active as a professional architecture/civil structure photographer for contribution  of various articles with his photography to domestic and foreign photographic magazines, for holding solo-exhibition in commercial galleries mainly in Tokyo and also for assignment as an independent curator of various international photographic competition.

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