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Being a photographer is one thing. But presenting your photography portfolio work is another one. Photographer profile is essential and it absolutely needs to present itself to the viewer. We encourage you to publish because each published issue is added to your profile, and it makes it even more outstanding and exceptional. Camerapixo is a curated service and we are very selective when it comes to our members, although we make sure to review each submitted application for membership and do not want to miss any hidden talents. Information below will help you decide...

Showcase your photography portfolio with style

Showcase your photography portfolio with style

Camerapixo magazine is making sure that each published photo is presented in a way that it speaks to the viewer. The profiles we have created have the same mission, they present you as photographer and show the reader your style and vision. Your profile is a PHOTOGRAPHY HUB with important information about you and your work, from which we connect you to wider audience.

Being Published Matters!

Being Published Matters!

Publishing your photography does matter because it means creating amazing and a constant source of inspiration. With pleasure we present each inspirational issue, and we at Camerapixo are here to showcase and discover your vision, which is limitless and boundless but connects people and talents in exceptionally unique way.

Being recognized worldwide leads to worldwide publications, selling images and it creates more professional opportunities.

Camerapixo readers belong to wide audience of professionals who follow us and all the talented photographers that we discover through all our publications. And that is why it is essential and beneficial to join Camerapixo Membership.

Great Two Membership Plans

What do we do for you on Camerapixo

The true success is involvement, loyalty and support of an international photographic community. When you set up a profile with Camerapixo it doesn't end there, in return you will receive our generous support by publication of your photography, exposing your work to social networks and giving you interesting photo-video resources. We will give you invaluable support and attention of how your photography is evolving and watch every step of your work. 

We welcome your ideas, suggestions and are always ready to find a solution that works best. Our amazing PRO EXPERT TEAM of professional photographers whose award winning photography and experience will give you a great insight on different photography topics. Join Camerapixo Membership and become part of a network of engaged and dynamic individuals.

Camerapixo membership benefits

Membership Benefits

  • Photographer profile with Digital eBOOK with the must know information about your work (Publisher only);
  • Promotion of your photography work on many different platforms and levels;
  • Publishing in Camerapixo prestigious photography magazines and books;
  • Photography book publishing, sell and earn money;
  • Worldwide recognition and increased exposure to potential customers;
  • Access to Templates, Selected Tools,
  • Gathering more professional leads, which are essential to your career;
  • Discounts on Pro Services;
  • Connections with other photographers worldwide.
Photography profile with ebook

ebook portfolio
only available
on Camerapixo

Just as each person is unique so should be the portfolio and that is why your portfolio comes with Photography eBook which consists of your best images that represent your style and photography genre. Thanks to our partner Issuu we have access to 100 Million readers worldwide. Through our account with them we publish and promote your photography. It can't get better than this. It's very powerful marketing tool for each photographer. Take a look at a FEW SAMPLES

Photography eBOOK is integrated with PUBLISHER Membership plan. It's like having your own APP which works great on any mobile device. Issuu is one of the most powerful mobile publishing platforms available at this moment and we work together.

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