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Dear Photographer,

Since we have launched a new website, the old Camerapixo website is still up and running but many features are not available here.

Our mission is to transfer all memebrs to the new website, therefore we ask you to login to the new website with the temporary password that you should have received in the email, and update your profile with photos etc. You may reset your password at any time, by using the email with which you have registered on the old Camerapixo website.

If you will have any questions please contact us any time.

Best regards,
Camerapixo Press Team


All information posted below may not be curently up to date. Please reffer to the new website for current information:



What is Camerapixo Membership and how to apply for it?

Camerapixo membership offers portfolio of your services. If you would like to apply for one please submit application for a review.

What membership plans do you offer?

  • STARTER - FREE by invitation only by Camerapixo Team. Valid max. 30 days.
  • SCOUT - 30 USD (Thirty US dollars) yearly (non refundable). Scout membership is a profile with basic information and access. More details
  • EXPLORER  - 60 USD (Sixty US dollars) yearly (non refundable). Explorer membership is a profile with less advanced options. More details
  • PUBLISHER - 120 USD (One hundred twenty US dollars) yearly (non refundable). Publisher membership is fully professional profile with advanced options. More details

Why does Camerapixo need actual photo for my profile?

We value authenticity and honesty therefore we appreciate  presenting real people on our website. Displaying actual photo of photographer will be of benefit to him/her in case a potential employer or project customer views their profile. First impression creates trust and we all agree that it is one of the most wanted qualities of a photographer. NOTE: All provided self-portraits are required to be black and white, otherwise our system will change them.

Can I use my business name for the profile?

Camerapixo promotes photographers as individuals. For your profile you may use your real name not the business name. However you can use your business name on your logo and advertise or promote your business by using custom sections. This option is available for Explorer or Publisher membership.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Absolutely. You may upgrade your STARTER, SCOUT and EXPLORER membership anytime. Please note that if you are upgrading your membership from Scout, Explorer to Publisher you will start your new Membership Plan from the day you make  upgrade and payment for the next cycle of 12 months. Paid fee is not transferable, so keep in mind that the fee you paid for Explorer may not be transferred as part of upgrade to Publisher.

How many photos can I upload on my profile?

Depends on your membership plan.
Starter: 24 best shots.
Scout: 32 best shots. 
Explorer: 48 best shots.
Publisher: 64 best shots.

Why do I need to be approved for membership
and how long does the process take?

You must be 18 or older. We at Camerapixo think that quality is most important and that is why we carefully review each submitted application for membership. If all necessary information is submitted, the process takes about 1-3 days.

Do you store sensitive and personal information on your profile?

We value privacy of the members and no such information is required.

What is photography e-Book integrated with Publisher membership?

Photography e-Book consists of your best images that represent your style and photography genre. Available through Camerapixo. This eBook will be published on and visible to more than 100 Million worldwide readers. It is a part of PUBLISHER membership plan. It is available as digital publication only. Downloads are not possible. Take a lok at some PHOTO EBOOK SAMPLES

Important note: In order for us to start working on your e-Book, you must complete your profile an update it with photos and necessary information. Once your profile is completed please submit all requested info that you have recevied in the email from us.

I'm not a member but I would like to have
my photography e-Book designed by Camerapixo? 

Camerapixo team can design it in digital version or printed as a hardcover book. We will work with you on your individual project. Contact us for a quote and details. More information may be found here.

How can I promote more of my photography work on your website?

Thanks to our new promotional offers, we can advertise and promote more of your work on social media, newsletters, banners, resource and services pages. Let us know if you need additional exposure and we will send you offer with price quote. Also we have CUSTOM SECTIONS available for Publishe and Explorer members which you can use to advertise and promote more of your work. They are available here

What is photographers directory?

It is a photographers search engine that may be searched by name, photography genre, country, gear you use and type such as most published, awarded and more amazing features that make our photographers more visible.

What types of photos can I publish in my profile? 
What are the requirements?

It is imperative that you publish your best work that perfectly describes your photography style. The best would be to post photos max 1200px on the long edge 72dpi, sRGB, JPEG. Max 2.5MB per photo.

What makes your profiles different from other communities?

Camerapixo website is designed to give the viewer better understanding of photographers and their portfolio. We are here to present their exceptionally talented work, most important we support their talents by publishing and promoting. Moreover we help photographers by giving them different tools to expand their connection with potential clients and recognition in photography community.

How can I publish my work in limited photo edition?

Please contact us and we will review your photography work. Should we accept your work, we will contact you to discuss further details.

What is Pro Expert Team and how can I join?

Pro Expert Team is a group of photography proffessionals who joined with Camerapixo to support our community by sharing their knowledge with us. If you would like to join this amazing team please contact us.

How to become Certified Camerapixo Photojournalist?

Certified photojournalist are our Camerapixo Press Card holders whose photo reportage was published online on our resource page or in dedicated to PRESS photography magazine.

How can I submit my testimonial?

We are very happy that you would like to share your testimonial about Camerapixo and appreciate your support. Please email your Testimonial and Camerapixo team will publish it on our website.

Why do you not accept high resolution photos for your photo gallery
on profile?

Very simple, we are not a typical social share photography service. We care about your photos as well as your personal information. Your trust is very important to us. That is why we ask for low-res photos to be published in your photo gallery. This gallery is a photography hub to help you grow and connect with others, and is very safe and traditional way. We concentrate on publishing and promoting, not storing valuable and private information. By the way, in our opinion, your hi-res valuable photos should be stored on your drives at homes, where only you have the access to it. But as always it all depends what you do and how you value your work.

Why comments are not available in photographers photo galleries?

As much as we love public opinion on photography we would like to keep each photographers' profile free of any comments. Quality of service is our priority and we set our goal on presenting their talent.

High Quality Top Cover Photos

All poor quality top image covers will be automatically deleted. You must provide good quality image for top cover. This is important part of your presentation on Camerapixo website. We care about your profile image as much as you care about your photography, so let's work on it together. NOTE: We are not allowed to use any type of text representing your website address on the top cover.

What are the following badges (I AM) in your profile: 


PRO EXPERT TEAM - Photographers we admire and follow, who inspire, teach and publish. It is a photographer we work with on different Camerapixo projects.

AVAILABLE FOR HIRE - If you have a project that you would like to work with photographer this button will help you get in touch with him/her. Or if you are a photographer this button allows your potential clients hire you for a project to work with them.

INSTRUCTOR - If you are workshop instructor this will help you get noticed. If you are looking for instructor this option will help you find one faster.

WORKSHOP ORGANIZER - If you organize workshops this feature will help you get noticed. Or if you are looking for someone who organizes a workshops it means you found the right person.

PHOTO JURY - each month we choose photographers to be part of the Photo Jury. This team chooses the best photos published in our magazines, and award them.

FINEART SELLER - photographer who sells own photography via website, photo galleries, online and provides links leading to these sites. 

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER - link leading to your website.

Do you offer any Affiliate Program?

As a appreciation for your support we would like to introduce you to our new AFFILIATE PROGRAM which will allow to extend your Camerapixo membership, by recommending your fellow friends photographers to Camerapixo.

Affiliate Program is very simple and it only requires your recommendation. For each recommended photographer who will purchase Camerapixo Membership you will receive extended membership as follows:

SCOUT - 30 additional days added to your membership
EXPLORER - 45 additional days added to your membership
PUBLISHER - 60 additional days added to your membership

During the registration process, the applying photographer will have to choose your name from the drop-down list, we will see it in our system and when they purchase membership you will also receive notification email about it. Fair enough? We think this is a great idea.
PLEASE NOTE: If your membership will be extended more than 11 months, your recommendations will be awarded with the following:
- Upgrade to your membership or Get free full access to our TOOLS for 30 days.

Can I use my affiliate links?

If you are Camerapixo PUBLISHER member you can use affiliate (photography related) links of your choice, that you may post on your profile. That's why we also created additonal custom sections which you can use for this purposue. They can be edited here

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership anytime. Keep in mind that membership fee is non refundable. Although we hope that the services and options we offer will suit each member and there will be no need for cancelations of membership. You may contact us anytime if any problems occur that you feel enable you to use your membership. We will try and find a solution. Please value our work as much as we value yours.

Why I do not see my Profile on Camerapixo?

It could be couple of reasons:

  • You did not upload your profile photo and basic information such as: website or social links, specialize in. country. Failure to do that in has resulted in freezing your account. (You should receive a notification in your email) You have 15 days from the day you joined our membership to update your account information.
  • Your actions are of disadvantage to the Camerapixo owners, Camerapixo website or Camerapixo community of photographers.
  • You broke the terms and conditions of Camerapixo website and membership.
  • You cancelled your membership yourself.
  • And last but important your account has simply expired and you should have received email with details on how to renew your membership.

Why was my membership cancelled?

We Camerapixo have any rights to refuse an existing membership for any reason that we feel is of disadvantage to Camerapixo community of photographers. We will refund the amount your paid for the membership minus the days you have used since the activation of your account.


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