Frequently Asked Questions - Photo Gallery

Dear Photographer,

Since we have launched a new website, the old Camerapixo website is still up and running but many features are not available here.

Our mission is to transfer all memebrs to the new website, therefore we ask you to login to the new website with the temporary password that you should have received in the email, and update your profile with photos etc. You may reset your password at any time, by using the email with which you have registered on the old Camerapixo website.

If you will have any questions please contact us any time.

Best regards,
Camerapixo Press Team


All information posted below may not be curently up to date. Please reffer to the new website for current information:


What is Camerapixo Photo Gallery?

Camerapixo Photo gallery are randomly displayed photos from all Camerapixo members profiles. Only Camerapixo Members can display photos in this gallery.

How can I add photos to the gallery?

To add photos you must log in and add photos to your profile gallery.  Keep in mind that different memberships have different quantity limit in the profile gallery.

Can I add caption for all my photos?

We have recently added new feature such as Photo Category and Caption. Now you can choose one category for each photo, and add caption for each downloaded photo.

How can I replace old photo with the new one?

You may do so by overwriting the old one, which will be automatically deleted and replace it with new one. After replacing your photo please make sure you have chosen the correct category and added caption.

PLEASE NOTE: You can't add a photography mosaic (image consist with multiple photos) when uploading to your photo gallery. All images like that will be deleted from the gallery.

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