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David Leslie Anthony David Leslie Anthony

Present a fresher point of view with photography

I am very selective regarding which publications I’ll do interviews for, and when Camerapixo approached me, I said yes. Why? Because Camerapixo strives to present a fresher point of view with photography, unlike so many of the “cookie-cutter publications” out there. Camerapixo delves into how a photographer thinks; why do they do what they do; and how do they see the world within their chosen medium. Camerapixo is also far-reaching. Just the other day, I received an email from a reader in Venezuela, saying how much he enjoyed my interview, and felt inspired. THAT is what a great magazine should do, and Camerapixo does... Inspire!

Keith Dixon Keith Dixon

Every issue is outstanding

Over at Camerapixo the passion and dedication from Artur and Anetta just shines through on every page. The fantastic work that they continue to produce in every issue is outstanding. They continue to give great opportunities to amateur photographers just like myself. I am very proud to be included here in the pages at Camerapixo magazine and I wish Artur and Anetta the best of luck going forward.

Mark Boyle Mark Boyle

The service you provide is invaluable

I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity of being published in Camerapixo #17. The exposure offered by your online magazine has been fantastic and it was a pleasure working with you during the process of getting my images published. For photographers like me the service you provide is invaluable and provides much needed exposure for our work. Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Best...

Renato Paz Renato Paz

Camerapixo is a photographic bible

It's a pleasure to be part of this bible and being with good photographers. Reading the magazine is an inspiration to photography and one way to be visually linked with various photographic perspectives. Even more than that because behind these images is the culture of each photographer in the form of identity which connects the world. Thanks Artur and Anetta - Camerapixo team for keeping up good work.

Gerald Verdon Gerald Verdon

Stunning top quality work

I had the chance to know Artur and Anette Heller when they invited me to present some of my street work in Camerapixo. Although is always difficult, for a photographer, to deliver photos without having the final control over the way they will be published and presented, this process was surprisingly well prepared, cleverly accompanied and pretty smooth: overall, very professional. The publication itself, in all its versions, has proven to be a stunning top quality work. I’m still proud to link to my own mini port-folio on Camerapixo, as well to those of many great photographers I admire.

Jeff Austin Jeff Austin

Given many photographers a creative outlet for their work

First off, Thank you. It is a simple phrase, but it conveys my appreciation, respect and happiness for your hard work and dedication at Camerpixo and to be part of such company is humbling. As a professional photographer it is difficult to balance commercial work with artistic endeavors. Artur and Anetta Heller have given many photographers a creative outlet for their work. An outlet that is sleek, stylish and allows the images to shine above all else. It is through their hard work, passion and dedication that my hard work, passion and dedication can viewed by so many. The process of uploading images and reviewing the draft of the magazine was handled with the utmost professionalism. All of my questions were quickly answered, leaving me with a feeling that all of images would be cared for as if I were doing the work myself.

Ian Brumpton Ian Brumpton

Lead to commissions this year

I was featured in the first edition of Camerapixo and I can honestly say it actually brought me in contact with a lot of new followers and a couple of connections that should lead to commissions this year. The magazine has also introduced me to the work of some amazing photographers and quite a few of them I am happy to now call friends!

Mark Forman Mark Forman

Quality digital magazine/book

Have always been impressed by the professionalism and passion by Artur and Anetta to produce a quality digital/print magazine/book. The new site design and new ebook series shows they continue to work hard on keeping Camerapixo fresh and relevant.

Francesco Gola Francesco Gola

More than a simple magazine

Camerapixo is more than a simple magazine... it's like a window on the works of talented photographers around the world. If you're a light catcher, you can't miss it.

Jordana Wright Jordana Wright

A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style

Since the advent of photography, people have sought to curate the finest imagery in one location with the ambition of sharing and maintaining a dialogue between both photographers and their audiences. Never has there been a finer example of this than Artur Heller's Camerapixo. A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style readability, Camerapixo showcases not only excellent photographers, but also there stories and techniques. This is truly a magnificent publication deserving the attention of any serious photographer or lover of fine art. Kudos to Camerapixo magazine for being an innovator in a field where so many seek to be different and fall short. Highly recommended!

Jurgen Vogt Jurgen Vogt

My website hits have increased dramatically

I'd like to thank you very much for publishing my images in Camerapixo. The photos look great and are well laid out. This is a fantastic venue for photographers to show their images in and to do a bit of self promotion. It also seems to get a lot of people's attention. Since Camerapixo 17 was released my website hits have increased dramatically. Thanks again.

Mike Shaw Mike Shaw

I cannot thank Camerapixo enough

I was featured in an issue of Camerpixio last year and the exposure was fantastic, not only was I featured to a lot of other photographers that I admire but I was put onto a web site that reached a great many of the general public. I had a few leads develop directly from this. I cannot thank Camerapixo enough.

Bartosz Stróżynski Bartosz Stróżynski

Camerapixo is perfect reply to new reality

Personally I did not appreciate on-line publications for a long time. As quite conservative person, I preferred printed publications, books, newspapers, than its digital versions. But time is running, world is changing and we, as photography consumers, have less and less time to follow traditionally printed publications. More and more we follow world via mobiles phones and iPads. New reality requires new solutions, new ways of doing things, new methods of accessing photography, but also, very important, new channels for photographers to share effect of their hard work. Especially in time, when photography is not really appreciated in most of the media. I believe, Camerapixo is perfect reply to new reality, very good compromise between easiness of access and amazing variety of high level photographers specializing in so different fields. I see it as great opportunity to present own work to very wide audience in easy way, but also to find a lot of inspiration from other artists presented in the magazine. I am sure that publishing my portfolio in Camerapixo magazine and on top of it, winning cover page of 16th issue, made my photography wider available and recognizable than before, hopefully giving some fun and inspiration to other people. Many thanks to Camerapixo team for this enablement.

Ursula Abresch Ursula Abresch

It is an excellent collection of photography

Camerapixo Magazine is an international publication dedicated to creative photography. It reaches tens of thousands of readers from over 50 countries. It was a great honor to have been one of the featured photographers in Issue 17 of this magazine. Artur and Anetta Heller run the magazine. They were wonderful to work with, very professional. If you haven’t seen this magazine, please give it a good look. It is an excellent collection of photography from around the world, published in a beautiful format. Much to my liking, it has many pictures and not too many words. The tablet format in particular is gorgeous to view. I very much like it that the magazine is keeping up with times, exploring all these new ways of information dissemination, and putting them to very good use. Again, if you haven’t taken a look yet, take a look now.

Jay Patel Jay Patel

Informative and of high quality

Camerapixo magazine provide a great coverage for work of the photographer. The design of the magazine is easy to navigate and the layout truly enables the photographer to showcase their work. Editor always ensure that the content selected is informative and of high quality that will keep the readers engaged.

Helen Sotiriadis Helen Sotiriadis

One of the most beautiful photo publications

Camerapixio is one of the most beautiful photo publications I have seen. It has gorgeous photography from exceptional photographers. I am very proud and fortunate to have been included in its pages. You're doing a great job - Thank you and good luck with your new ideas!

Dawid Martynowski Dawid Martynowski

Day by day I noticed a significant increase in visits

It was a great honor to have my work published in Camerapixo. The appearance in eBook "Inspiring Photographers". Being published among other talented photographers has become an important event in my life. Admiration and pride that I owe the team Camerapixo that saw my pictures, gave me the motivation and even more fun with what I do. I am a regular reader of Camerapixo published magazines and eBooks. High image quality results in viewing the collection of photographs from around the world with pleasure. There are many words to define such an impressively prepared publications, everyone who will view it for the first time will become Camerapixo regular reader. Since the appearance of my photographs in the magazine and eBook, interest in my website as well as profiles on Facebook, Flickr and Google + has increased. Day by day I noticed a significant increase in visits and a strong interest in new subscribers on my social networking profiles, this is due to Artur and Anetta Camerapixo team. I highly recommend Camerapixo for creating your own eBook in exchange you will get professionalism at the highest level. Thank you Artur and Anetta and wish you every success.

Fabrizio Quagliuso Fabrizio Quagliuso

Innovative idea

Artur, Annette and the whole Camerapixo team are doing a sterling job with the Camerapixo magazine. Their innovative idea is supported by an extreme attention to the selection process, to the level of the work featured and to the quality of the final product that make Camerapixo stand out from other somehow similar magazines available on the internet. It is a pleasure to flick through the pages of every issue. I was thrilled to be featured on the magazine and it gave me the opportunity to make many new photographic contacts and make my work known to a wider audience. I heard that Artur, Annette and the team have other great idea for the future of Camerapixo and I am looking forward to seeing what they will come up with!

Star Rush Star Rush

Clearly embracing photography and artists

I was honored to have a series of my photography published in Camerapixo, edition No.14. The publication's diverse selection of photographers and photos are an inspiration, regardless of one's level of expertise. Artur Heller's commitment and dedication to the photographer's craft is evident in all aspects of Camerapixo, from the community he builds among photographers to the care and sensitivity he displays when working photographers, like myself. Camerapixo positions itself for the future, clearly embracing photography and artists telling stories across our globe, regardless of media or technologies. The image tells the story, and camerapixo shares those stories.

Stephen Candler Stephen Candler

Premier online photography magazine

I was asked to appear in the Camerapixo Photography Magazine by Artur Heller in August 2011 and was delighted to do so. I also had an ebook published by ebookpixo a couple of months later. I think the quality of the publications is excellent and they showcased my images very well. I am sure that the coverage in both the magazine and ebook has helped promote my work to an international audience. Many thanks to Artur, Anetta from Camerapixo for giving me this opportunity. I feel Camerapixo will continue to be the premier online Photography Magazine and go from strength to strength in the future.

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