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Hien Nguyen Hien Nguyen

Prestigious exposure for photographers

It was such an honour to be featured in Camerapixo Black and White Vol 1 issue, thank you very much. Prestigious exposures like this are even more important to new photographers like me. The layout is stunning, professional and the quality of images featured is superb! I believe Camerapixo will continue going onwards and upwards to be the most premier online Photography Magazine. I can't wait to see what's next and submit more of my works! Again, many thanks to you Anetta, Artur and the Camerapixo team. With all the best.

Alessio Trerotoli Alessio Trerotoli

Being published in Camerapixo really made my day

Being published in Camerapixo really made my day, it was my first step in a bigger world. It's a great community that links photographers from everywhere in a great family. Camerapixo is passion, it's love for the life, it's love for the world where we live, it's inspiration. It's the right way to enjoy what we do, it's like a friend that tells you to do better, it's like a party that you want to attend, it's like a jam session where you want to play. I'm really happy to be part of it, and I hope to give my contribution for a longtime

Anna Laudan Anna Laudan

Real photography community and publications

I have get in touch with Camerapixo through a competition by Julia Anna Gospodarou at Facebook. So my first picture was printed in a special edition. Since then, several of my photos were printed in various Camerapixo photography magazines and there was a multi-page special about me and my work. I am very grateful for the opportunities offered by Camerapixo and for the great cooperation with Anetta and Artur Heller. Meanwhile Camerapixo has become a real community, and offers its members many opportunities for presentation and promotion of their work. I am very excited to be part of it.

Richard Terpolilli Richard Terpolilli

An Expression Vision and Style

“It’s not what you capture that matters it’s how you interpret it that matters and will elevate it from a snapshot to a work of art” ~ Alfred Stieglitz. I was recently introduced to Camerapixo and immediately discovered what I was missing. Their assemblage of fine art photographers publishing cutting edge creations in Camerapixo is unrivaled. Annetta and Artur Heller have encourage and chosen me to publish in their community of the celebrated world wide photographers; an honor and humbling experience. What impresses me most is Anetta’s and Artur’s dedication to us as photographers, their attention to detail within Camerapixo while elevating fine art photography to unprecedented levels on a global stage. Thank you for giving us the platform and the family of photographic artists to showcase our fine art interpretations. Be well & all the best,

Mohammed Sattar Mohammed Sattar

Camerapixo editors connect with photographers directly

Camerapixo is the shortest road to reach the photography's audience; as it allows the opportunity for professional and amateur photographers to display their works and delivering them to millions who are interested in photography through various releases of the magazine in several fields of photography starting from landscapes, portrait and many others fields. The works selection's mechanism is considered very professional as it allows everybody to send thier works to Camerapixo's editors and having the opportunity to publish the high quality works. Fortunately, my works have been chosen to be feature in three different releases of the magazine. It's great the way the magazine's editors connect with photographers directly and exchanging different views for enhancing and improving the magazine and the photography's work in general. Thanks Camerapixo

Howard L. Smith Howard L. Smith

I am truly honored to have my work published

Since being published with Camerpixo I have seen marked increase in traffic to my web site and working with true professionals like Artur and Annette has been a blessing.  The care and quality that they put into each of and every issue of the magazine is truly amazing as Camerpixo is one of the best magazines that I have seen in sometime. I am truly honored to have my work published along side such talented photographers from around the world so much so, that often times I wonder if I even deserve to be among them as their work is an inspiration to all that view their images.

Brad Olson Brad Olson

Masterfully curated and beautifully printed

Getting published is great, but all publications are not equal. The Camerapixo volumes are masterfully curated and beautifully printed. These are my favorite pieces to share with clients and friends.  The quality of the photography is very inspiring and it is such an honor to be included in these publications. Thank you very much! 

Marcin Panasiuk Marcin Panasiuk

This is really awesome

I’m glad I was a part of your magazine. This is really awesome you’re doing such great job in finding great pictures. Showing it in one place is probably very useful for many people. I really would like to participate in your new releases because it is worthy - be as a part in a group of professional photographers.

Noel Baldewijns Noel Baldewijns

I am amazed at the high quality of the print magazine

I got introduced to Camerapixo via the new group on facebook (en)Visionography - The New B&W Fine Art Photography. I was extremely happy receive my first media coverage ever with the picture Lady in black guarding the gate. I immediately received the "editor's award". From then on I started a race with myself wanting to become better and better. Several other publications have covered my work since then. Every time I have a new edition in my hands I am amazed at the high quality of the print magazine, filled with beautiful art photography, and I am very proud to be part of it on a regular base. The cover always looks great, and overall the publication enjoys a very high standard. It is always a pleasure to communicate with Artur and Anetta Heller who are truly dedicated to their publication. It is a great project that gives many photographers a chance to be published.

Angelos Konstantinidis Angelos Konstantinidis

Educational and profitable

My experience with Camerapixo magazine was educational and profitable. It made my work acceptable to many people and the same time, it made me believe in myself. The world of photography is competitive and it means alot for a photographer for his work to stand out and be well received. All that, thanks to you! Thank you again and keep up the excellent work you do! with Respect,

Jean-Pascal AMATI Jean-Pascal AMATI

Great pleasure to discover Camerapixo

It is rare that a magazine has as many beautiful pictures combined together... Camerapixo presents very talented artists, and for me it was a great pleasure to discover them ! I am proud that Anetta and Artur have chosen me among other photographers. A big thank you to them!

Valentino Sani Valentino Sani

Refreshing experience

The day I discovered Camerapixo website and its various publications was a day that changed my perspective, it was really a refreshing experience to see so many wonderful pictures and discover new, formidable and inspiring talents. After a period of dissatisfaction with my photography, Camerapixo helped me to refresh my creative soul and start what I consider will be the final stage of my "career" in photography. Thank you Artur and Anetta for the great and inspiring work you are doing!

Roberto Pavic Roberto Pavic

Great collection of quality photos that inspire

One of the best photography magazines I've ever seen. Great collection of quality photos that inspire you and motivate you to work even harder. After each issue new ideas for shooting are constantly coming.

Xavier Beaudoux Xavier Beaudoux

Outstanding publication from cover to cover!

I discovered Camerapixo about 2 years ago, in may 2013 when Anetta Heller, the Executive Editor, sent me an e-mail to publish my work. I immediately liked communication with both Anetta and Artur, and the clarity of the website, the photo release form and the way the team works, but the best was yet to come... every issue of the magazine is just outstanding from cover to cover! It's a great chance and an amazing honour to be a part of it! I've now been published several time, and it's always the same pleasure to discover a new issue, and to see my photos among worldwide fantastic photographer's work. I thank again all the team, and wish you all the best!

Mark Seawell Mark Seawell

I hope to be published again

I want to take this moment to thank Camerapixo for publishing our photos! Having your images published in a magazine this prestigious is very much an honor and seeing your images like this is very exciting. Anetta and Artur are very passionate about photography and it really show in the care and respect they show for our images. Thank you again and Lutgart and I hope to be published again!

Nuno Trindade Nuno Trindade

I'm proud to be here

I'm proud to be here since the beginning of this excellent project. Camerapixo, with Anetta and Artur leading it, is more, much more, than just another photography magazine, like so many out there. It's a brand with a seal of high quality, growing each day and making the difference, with a range of magazines with a variety of subjects, always with high standards. I hope it will stay like that in the future.
Keep up the good work, always with the passion for Photography!

Paul Hamilton Paul Hamilton


First introduced to Camerapixo through Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar from the group (en)Visionography the new Black and White Fine Art. After being invited to submit one of my images I was delighted to be chosen and have my image published in the first (en)Visionography book alongside many talented fellow photographers. The quality of the graphic design and physical feel to the publications from Camerapixo are simply stunning and are the best I have seen. Since my first published work with Camerapixo I cannot get enough and have since been selected and published further in more titles and, I am very honoured to be a part of these quality Fine Art publications with world wide coverage for it's photographers. True quality deserves promoting, when ever I can a take the opportunity to tell people of Camerapixo I do, because there is a real passion shared by the publishers and the photographers of which becomes obvious by the final beautifully designed and quality look and feel of the final publications using Fine Art quality media which great photographs deserve.

Sal Virji Sal Virji

Camerapixo: Making a difference

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in this world" - Bruno Barney; For me, Anneta and Artur through Camerapixo created the opportunity for my language & passion to be seen and understood by millions of people across the world. When I entered my body of work, it was with no expectations- to have been published meant so much to me. It was such a sense of acknowledgement and recognition, especially with well renowned peers in this space. I am so driven to continue my journey - thank you for this opportunity of being published- it truly makes a difference.

Javier de la Torre Javier de la Torre

a magazine brand focused in high quality photography made by high quality photographers around the world

Which is my first thought when I'm thinking about Camerapixo? Thanks, thanks so much to Artur and Anetta for all their enthusiasm and professional work that they in publishing Camerapixo magazines. Thanks for creating a magazine brand focused in high quality photography made by high quality photographers around the world. Issue by issue, all magazines are inspiring, and they let us to discover all these talented photographers and their photos. And finally, thanks so much for supporting my work. I'm really honored to be part of Camerapixo family.

Shirren Lim Shirren Lim

continually impressed by high quality publication both in digital and printed format

I stumbled upon Camerapixo a while back and I am continually impressed by the care they have taken to put out a high quality publication both in digital and printed format. Carefully curated, the magazine is full of inspiring images and stories. I am honoured to have my photos published by this esteemed publication. Thank you Artur, Anetta and the rest of the Camerapixo team for such an excellent work.

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