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Maciej Markiewicz

Maciej Markiewicz

Currently living and working in Luxembourg. Since 2004 he considered photography more seriously when he switched from analog Minoltas to a digital SLRs and now he is using the full frame digital Sony Alpha system. Despite the fact that photography is not his full time job it is more than a hobby. His eagerness for creating images full of emotion and his will to share his passion for nature, Maciej is mainly focusing his work on landscape photography. Being particularly attracted to both, the mountains and the seaside, he often connects the passion for outdoors, hiking and photography. Active since the very beginning on Google Plus community he regularly posts images from Europe, mainly from Scotland, Norway, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Poland.

Wojciech Toman

Wojciech Toman

Wojciech is Warsaw, Poland based photographer specializing in landscape, travel and HDR photography (but he is always keen on shooting other types of photos when he has a chance) which he takes during his travels. He shares his photos as well as tips and lengthy tutorials on his photography blog. He is also accomplished software developer, currently working on popular Photomatix Pro HDR software, who started years ago as graphics programmer for a video games company. At that time while playing with light equations and trying to recreate reality he started to take photos. And soon it became his great passion.

RÉHAHN Photographer


Réhahn has always lived with a passion for travel and photography.  For most people who travel to explore the beautiful sceneries, Réhahn travels to meet people and capture the most natural moment of those individual he has encountered. It is only through these far away places that Réhahn learns of new cultures and most importantly, learns to take photos in his very own special way. The difference between Réhahn‘s photos from other portrait photographers is the random and natural moment, of which, he captures when spending his time to interact with the models. Réhahn’s photos leave viewers to imagine the story behind each moment because he wants viewers to discover for themselves the beauty of the photos.

David Leslie Anthony

David Leslie Anthony

David Leslie Anthony primarily works in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the European markets of Paris, Madrid, London, and Milan. David’s editorial work includes Cosmopolitan U.K., Harper’s Bazaar Intl. Editions, Marie Claire Intl. Editions naming only a few. David's work also appears in the ABC television show "Ugly Betty", and he has photographed celebrities such as Carla Gugino, Designer Roberto Cavalli, Bo Hopkins and more. David’s work is also featured prominently in the books published by AVA Publishing, London, England and his photographs have appeared in both solo and group exhibitions worldwide.

Edwin Tan

Edwin Tan

With Canon AIPP International Photographer of the Year ‘13 , 2nd place in Non Wedding Photojournalism 1st Half year ‘13 WPPI online Competition and back to year ‘11 selected by Signature Wedding Magazine as Editor Choice of Top 30 Asia Photographer You Must Know, Edwin has been in wedding industry close to 7 years with more than 85 awards and achievements. Edwin is blessed with an uncanny ability to anticipate and adapt to changing moments of a live shoot.With a storyline crafted in his mind, Edwin goes out to find the deeply emotional moments that reflect the story of the day. Being the perfectionist,Edwin believes that every minor detail is important – loving glances,smiles and meaningful moments always captured and no tears left unseen.

Philip Gunkel photography

Philip Gunkel

Philip Gunkel is an international professional fine art photographer that is specialized in architecture, commercial and landscape photography. He is born in 1986 in Berlin where he is still living and working today. Philip made his graduation in Photodesign in 2012 at the Lette-Verein, afterwards he started studying geological sciences at the Freie Universität and began working as a freelance photographer. His two main passions are to shoot abstract architecture with a desire to perfectionism and high quality that does justice to and reveal the main thoughts of the architects. He also feels determined to travel the most remote and rugged landscapes of mother earth to caption the unique and utterly beauty of nature and it's living beings.

Julia Anna Gospodarou Photographer and Instructor

Julia Anna Gospodarou

Architect with a Master degree and multi-awarded internationally black and white Fine Art photographer (en)Visionographer, with high distinctions in the most important photography competitions worldwide. Author of the best selling book  "FROM BASICS TO FINE ART - Black and White Photography", written with co-author Joel Tjintjelaar, the book is considered by many critics one of the best book on B&W photography of the past decades.

John Kosmopoulos Photographer and Instructor

John Kosmopoulos

International award-winning photographer who specializes in black and white fine art photography. He refers to his own philosophy of photography as "Eclectic Aesthetic Fine Art" (EAFA) as he embraces a variety of subjects in his creative process from a fine art and cinematic perspective. Conceptually, he likes to draw upon a new psychology of photography that he has developed, "Vision Drawing", to deliteralize and harmonize the world around him with a felt aesthethic, the feeling of being inspired by and immersed in something intellectually and imaginatively beautiful, through his photography. He also conducts workshops in Canada and throughout the world.  His latest travel adventures have brought him to Dubai and Iceland.

Tim Wallace photographer

Tim Wallace

Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. An award winning photographer his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Tim works internationally with many high clients across the globe such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes and Morgan as well as shooting some of the worlds most iconic brands such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari in the UK and Europe to Dodge, Chevrolet and Mustang in the US. His goal in life is to be himself always, be creative, be true and most of all improve just a little part of peoples lives with images that both entertain and sometimes invoke the feelings that he had when he shot them.

Kevin Holliday Photographer

Kevin Holliday

Kevin Holliday is an internationally recognized, awarded fine art black and white photographer from Denver, USA. His photography is noted for its attention to simple, small elements, leading lines and negative space, which Kevin attributes to his early roots as a graphic designer. His work features a strong vision within primary imagery and is often best represented within a series rather than the single image. Kevin is also known locally for mentoring up-and-coming photographers where he helps to develop the technical aspects of proper exposure, breaking the typical rules of composition and lighting with a precision versus perfection mentality.

José Ramos Photography

José Ramos

José is both a landscape photographer and doctor (psychiatrist) from Portugal. Finding these two areas as being mutually enriching, he has been able to progress in both crafts through strong commitment and passion. In his photos, the act of raising awareness about Nature and the need to protect the environment is simultaneously linked, through embedded concepts for each image, with existential reflections about the self and man’s place in the world. His images have been published in many international magazines and won major international photo awards. José currently runs custom workshops and photo-tours in Portuguese selected landscapes.

Julien Gerard

Born in 1980 in France, Strasbourg. In a first life, Firefighter in Marseille and paramedic in Strasbourg. In 2007, my professional photographic career starts. Specializing in travel, I travel around the world, I combine orders from French institutions abroad, for the publication of advertising brochures, to personal work. In 2015, I started the photo project Change Face which aims to provide a strong visual testimony as to the "peoples from elsewhere" who have a tradition of "change their face" through ancestral customs: scarification, tattoos, piercing...

Magnus "Millerflip" Persson

Magnus "Millerflip" Persson

Magnus Persson, part-time freelance photographer, based in Malmo and he's covering news in Sweden and Denmark. After the news photography, the main emphasis of his work is primarily focused on the social, political and humanitarian issues of concern to different communities, like much else, forgotten by the media. In addition to this, he has his own long-term projects. One of these projects is about Burmese refugees daily life in Thailand. Magnus is a member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and Camerapixo Photography Magazine, NurPhoto / Corbis and Demotix. 

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