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Tell us a bit about your background in photography and where you're living currently.

I live in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, in a small village called Thiersee. I did not start with photography, I started with filming, but after some time I noticed, that I prefer to catch a special moment that never comes back, instead of a whole scene.

What in the landscape inspires you?

Landscape photography fascinates me, because the same countryside looks different every time, when you visit it. Because of the changing weather and lights.

Are you ever without your camera?

Every time I explore the nature, my camera is by my side.

Which photographer(s) was/were a driving force in developing your aesthetic?

I don't really have any role models. But I like the art work of Marc Adams and Ronny Behnert, especially his black-white pictures.

How is your working process? How do you "explore" your motive? 

You only have to open up your eyes to find motives. The native offers itself great motives.

What do you think are some of the key elements to the development of your time-lapse videos?

It´s important to work in the RAW-format. To edit my pictures I use the program LR Timelapse in connection with Adobe Ligthroom. You start taking photos with a tripod but if you want to increase your level you should use a slider (I use the Rhino slider).

What are some of the biggest challenges you face when creating a time-lapse video?

The biggest challenge of making Timelapse Photography is the seamless transition from day to night and opposite.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment as a photographer?

Generally it´s a big accomplishment in photography to touch people lives with pictures.

Did you find any of the places particularly challenging to shoot?

A hard challenge is surely the night-photography, especially to take photos from the milky way. You should know your camera very well if you work in the dark. Especially if you are high in the snowy mountains and can´t feel your hands because of the cold temperature. 

Would you agree that the Internet is part of being a photographer nowadays?

Because of internet-platforms, like 500px, where I reached nearly 5 million people, I could increase my level of knowledge. In addition I like Facebook because I can exchange and get a lot of knowledge with other photographs.

Thank you Stefan for taking the time to do this interview.
Camerapixo Team

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