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Diego Crotti Diego Crotti

Great support and opportunity to enter events.

Thanks to Camerapixo Press ID Card and the support, I had a good opportunity to enter events. I had access to the off limits areas, taking amazing photographs, which was a great experience for me. They are very helpful especially when it comes to requesting accreditation to be passed on to the event organizers. Camerapixo also published my work, which has now been added to my profile. In short, if you want to be anywhere and close by and ready with your camera do not hesitate and get the Press Card from Camerapixo. Thanks again to Anetta and Artur.

Jordana Wright Jordana Wright

A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style

Since the advent of photography, people have sought to curate the finest imagery in one location with the ambition of sharing and maintaining a dialogue between both photographers and their audiences. Never has there been a finer example of this than Artur Heller's Camerapixo. A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style readability, Camerapixo showcases not only excellent photographers, but also there stories and techniques. This is truly a magnificent publication deserving the attention of any serious photographer or lover of fine art. Kudos to Camerapixo magazine for being an innovator in a field where so many seek to be different and fall short. Highly recommended!

Dalia Dalia

Beautifully designed and inspiring work

English: When I leaf through Camerapixo, I can feel, with how much heart this magazine is made. It's a beautifully designed and inspiring work. the photos are carefully selected and arranged. the photos of the artists are treated with respect and honored their work in this way. It is an honor to be part of it. Many thanks to Anetta and Artur for the great work! I write it in German too, because English is not my native language. 

Deutch: Wenn ich Camerapixo durchblättere, kann ich spüren, mit wie viel Liebe das Magazin gemacht wird. Es istsehr schön designed, eine inspirierende Arbeit. Die Fotos werden sorgfälltig ausgewählt und zusammengestellt. Den Fotografen wird Respekt entgegengebracht und so ihre Arbeiten honoriert. Es ist eine Ehre, Teil davon sein zu dürfen. Vielen Dank an Anetta und Artur für ihre Arbeit.

Alfonso Maseda Alfonso Maseda

Helping me to keep growing in this fascinating world of photography

I'm really grateful to Artur and Anetta for helping me to keep growing in this fascinating world of photography. The project and collaboration is impressive, and I am very proud because published work in Camerapixo is really impressive and they open a door to show more to the world.

Angelos Konstantinidis Angelos Konstantinidis

Educational and profitable

My experience with Camerapixo magazine was educational and profitable. It made my work acceptable to many people and the same time, it made me believe in myself. The world of photography is competitive and it means alot for a photographer for his work to stand out and be well received. All that, thanks to you! Thank you again and keep up the excellent work you do! with Respect,

Didier Demaret Didier Demaret

Camerapixo is a source of inspiration

First, I still wanted to thank you for publishing my work in the first issue of Black and White photography "Lost and Found". I am very honored and proud to be published in your magazine along with the other talented photographers. Camerapixo is a source of inspiration with a beautiful layout and images of high quality. We can see that you put all your heart. Since this publication, the visits on my website and social networks are increasing. It pushes me to work even harder still hoping to work with you! Thank you very much to both of you, you do a fantastic job, allow an amateur photographer like me to present his work is great. Good luck and all the best for the future.

Brad Olson Brad Olson

Masterfully curated and beautifully printed

Getting published is great, but all publications are not equal. The Camerapixo volumes are masterfully curated and beautifully printed. These are my favorite pieces to share with clients and friends.  The quality of the photography is very inspiring and it is such an honor to be included in these publications. Thank you very much! 

Valentino Sani Valentino Sani

Refreshing experience

The day I discovered Camerapixo website and its various publications was a day that changed my perspective, it was really a refreshing experience to see so many wonderful pictures and discover new, formidable and inspiring talents. After a period of dissatisfaction with my photography, Camerapixo helped me to refresh my creative soul and start what I consider will be the final stage of my "career" in photography. Thank you Artur and Anetta for the great and inspiring work you are doing!

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