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Roberto Pavic Roberto Pavic

Great collection of quality photos that inspire

One of the best photography magazines I've ever seen. Great collection of quality photos that inspire you and motivate you to work even harder. After each issue new ideas for shooting are constantly coming.

Brawi Santoso Brawi Santoso

The most beautiful and inspiring online magazine

Camerapixo is the most beautiful and inspiring online magazine. I was honored when I was asked to submit my work to Camerapixo magazine. I feel very privileged to be part of such a talented group of International photographers, which work continues to inspire me everyday. I also very much appreciate all those kind words of encouragement from all great inspiring photographers. I would like to thank Anetta and Artur for such a fantastic opportunity for my work to be published.

Mark Seawell Mark Seawell

I hope to be published again

I want to take this moment to thank Camerapixo for publishing our photos! Having your images published in a magazine this prestigious is very much an honor and seeing your images like this is very exciting. Anetta and Artur are very passionate about photography and it really show in the care and respect they show for our images. Thank you again and Lutgart and I hope to be published again!

Malgorzata Drewniak Malgorzata Drewniak

Outstanding opportunity to both professionals and amateurs

After sharing my very first photo on Camerapixo (Being Published Matters) Facebook page, I was given an offer to publish it in Hot Shots, which was a great surprise and honor to me. With so many photographers, platforms and photo magazines existing these days, paradoxically enough, it has become even more difficult to get your work noticed and recognized. Camerapixo gives this outstanding opportunity to both professionals and amateurs, which is great. Their website, upgraded recently with some new features, is a source of an inspiration and another milestone in making your photography even more visible to the world! Thank you!

G. Brad Lewis G. Brad Lewis

Fresh and provocative

Camerapixo is an amazing visual resource with fresh and provocative imagery and stories. I am honored to be a part of such a high quality production. Thanks to Anetta and Artur J. Heller for their ongoing excellence.

Jeff Austin Jeff Austin

Given many photographers a creative outlet for their work

First off, Thank you. It is a simple phrase, but it conveys my appreciation, respect and happiness for your hard work and dedication at Camerpixo and to be part of such company is humbling. As a professional photographer it is difficult to balance commercial work with artistic endeavors. Artur and Anetta Heller have given many photographers a creative outlet for their work. An outlet that is sleek, stylish and allows the images to shine above all else. It is through their hard work, passion and dedication that my hard work, passion and dedication can viewed by so many. The process of uploading images and reviewing the draft of the magazine was handled with the utmost professionalism. All of my questions were quickly answered, leaving me with a feeling that all of images would be cared for as if I were doing the work myself.

Mohammed Sattar Mohammed Sattar

Camerapixo editors connect with photographers directly

Camerapixo is the shortest road to reach the photography's audience; as it allows the opportunity for professional and amateur photographers to display their works and delivering them to millions who are interested in photography through various releases of the magazine in several fields of photography starting from landscapes, portrait and many others fields. The works selection's mechanism is considered very professional as it allows everybody to send thier works to Camerapixo's editors and having the opportunity to publish the high quality works. Fortunately, my works have been chosen to be feature in three different releases of the magazine. It's great the way the magazine's editors connect with photographers directly and exchanging different views for enhancing and improving the magazine and the photography's work in general. Thanks Camerapixo

Andrea Musso Andrea Musso


I discovered Camerapixo thanks to a friend that is already part of the community, and I can say I am proud to be a member as well since just few weeks. The inspiration given by the other photographers and the shared passion from all of them is not only a source of inspiration but a feeling of being a part of a family of artists. The quality of the choice, the edition, the website and the overall concept is a top-level, never seen elsewhere on the net. Thanks!

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