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Markko Marcel Jarron Markko Marcel Jarron

Immediately impressed by the professionalism

I discovered the magazine CAMERAPIXO there not too long ago, but I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the layout and especially the quality of photos and photographers. I watch a lot of magazine photography, but this is the first time I discovered an incredible quality, both rendering photos and photographers as talented! I was very honored when I was contacted by Artur Heller for one of my photos published in the magazine. Very honored and very proud to be published by a magazine that shares such a passion for photography and gives me ideas for the rest of my photographic adventure. Artur Heller thank you and the entire team of CAMERAPIXO!

Gavin Heffernan Gavin Heffernan

Excellent presentation and care

An exciting opportunity for exposure, but more importantly, a place to learn from fellow photographers. We were really humbled by the level of quality and innovation in Camerapixo, and inspired at the chance to have our work featured, with fifteen shots beautifully laid out in the magazine, with excellent presentation and care. It was a great honor to be part of the artists sharing their work and we hope to have future opportunities to be part of the publication!

Laurence Penne Laurence Penne

Benefit from bigger visibility

I am really touched and honored to have been published in Camerapixo. It's a great chance for me to see my work so displayed, and to know that I benefit from bigger visibility. I thank the team for their professionalism and Camerapixo for helping all these photographers more or less known by being a springboard. Photographers who are put forward are all from different horizons and styles, and this is what makes undoubtedly the wealth of this magazine. I really enjoy being a part of this experience.

Dalia Dalia

Beautifully designed and inspiring work

English: When I leaf through Camerapixo, I can feel, with how much heart this magazine is made. It's a beautifully designed and inspiring work. the photos are carefully selected and arranged. the photos of the artists are treated with respect and honored their work in this way. It is an honor to be part of it. Many thanks to Anetta and Artur for the great work! I write it in German too, because English is not my native language. 

Deutch: Wenn ich Camerapixo durchblättere, kann ich spüren, mit wie viel Liebe das Magazin gemacht wird. Es istsehr schön designed, eine inspirierende Arbeit. Die Fotos werden sorgfälltig ausgewählt und zusammengestellt. Den Fotografen wird Respekt entgegengebracht und so ihre Arbeiten honoriert. Es ist eine Ehre, Teil davon sein zu dürfen. Vielen Dank an Anetta und Artur für ihre Arbeit.

Star Rush Star Rush

Clearly embracing photography and artists

I was honored to have a series of my photography published in Camerapixo, edition No.14. The publication's diverse selection of photographers and photos are an inspiration, regardless of one's level of expertise. Artur Heller's commitment and dedication to the photographer's craft is evident in all aspects of Camerapixo, from the community he builds among photographers to the care and sensitivity he displays when working photographers, like myself. Camerapixo positions itself for the future, clearly embracing photography and artists telling stories across our globe, regardless of media or technologies. The image tells the story, and camerapixo shares those stories.

Valentino Valkaj Valentino Valkaj

Publishing your work really matters after all

I discovered Camerapixo two years ago and since then I am tracking their improvement. All the time they are updating the experience we photographers and readers have and they are doing a terrific job. Since I was published and awarded for the first time last year in We Inspire 05, my followers are increasing, I made it from 2000 followers on FB page to more than 4000. Publishing your work really matters after all.

Jasper Resari Jasper Resari

Beneficial and inspiring

Publication of my work was not just beneficial to me but also inspired me to do more, it inspired me to do the things that i love to do in photography which is to express more about my passion in photography. I'm very thankful to your publication, and I wish you would allow me again to submit more photos.

Helen Sotiriadis Helen Sotiriadis

One of the most beautiful photo publications

Camerapixio is one of the most beautiful photo publications I have seen. It has gorgeous photography from exceptional photographers. I am very proud and fortunate to have been included in its pages. You're doing a great job - Thank you and good luck with your new ideas!

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