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Mohammed Sattar Mohammed Sattar

Camerapixo editors connect with photographers directly

Camerapixo is the shortest road to reach the photography's audience; as it allows the opportunity for professional and amateur photographers to display their works and delivering them to millions who are interested in photography through various releases of the magazine in several fields of photography starting from landscapes, portrait and many others fields. The works selection's mechanism is considered very professional as it allows everybody to send thier works to Camerapixo's editors and having the opportunity to publish the high quality works. Fortunately, my works have been chosen to be feature in three different releases of the magazine. It's great the way the magazine's editors connect with photographers directly and exchanging different views for enhancing and improving the magazine and the photography's work in general. Thanks Camerapixo

Sarah Martinet Sarah Martinet

Camerapixo is really a great concept

Camerapixo is really a great concept, very different from what we usually see on the web. The various magazines are always very good, always stunnig images in. I am very proud to have been invited to take part in it. Personally it allows me to discover new talented photographers. I swear long live to this site.

Didier Steyaert Didier Steyaert

Real source of photography inspirations

I am often asked what Camerapixo brings me... I can simply answer this question in three aspects: The first is that the Press Card gives me access to many places (in France) where photography is generally, not permitted with the use of a tripod: museum, monument. Without mentioning the places that are not usually accessible to the public. The second aspect is that Camerapixo is full of many talented photographers, the editions are a real source of photography inspiration to me and I am rather proud to be part of this community. Finally, the last reason is the visibility offered by Camerapixo via the gallery and the offered tools that are constantly evolving.

Ashok Viswanathan Ashok Viswanathan

Beautiful and beyond expectations

Thank you for the layout. It is beautiful and beyond expectations. I am greatly honored to see some of my work in your lovely magazine. Thank you for this opportunity. Camerapixo is one magazine that goes out of its way to find and promote little known photographers who produce excellent work. It's a show case for people like myself who do not have other opportunities or avenues to publish their work to a large audience globally. Being published certainly matters and can be very motivating for an up coming photographer. I think Camerapixo has filled a gap in the publishing world with its high quality online publication. As a amateur photographer I have enjoyed seeing the immense talent you manage to track down and bring to your pages. I must mention that the tonal quality and resolution  of the reproduced images in your magazine is outstanding.

Thierry Dehove Thierry Dehove

Real "book" you want to keep even if there is digital

In the jungle of free publications that made us professional photographers, Camerapixo is a rare magazine to be savored each month, layout, format, the choice of photographers make it a real "book" you want to keep even if there is digital. It is an honor to be part of one of the issues, an honor to be part of this community that I respect so. Great job. Please do no stop us dreaming, traveling, especially to help. Anetta thank you, Artur thank you.

Tomasz Slawinski Tomasz Slawinski

Where light plays a big role

Quite recently I thought that my pictures are at the level of publications on social networks and blogs. However for some time I started to post them on the Camerapixo site and publish my photos in the magazine. I also found there a lot of inspiration. Thank you for being there and letting me you believe in myself!!! Now my world is more colorful than ever.

Mahmoud Ghedjatti Mahmoud Ghedjatti

Inspiring and encouraging

A BIG THANK YOU for making it easier for photographers to be published and giving exposure to the work that could have been unseen. For being under the spotlight, push us to work harder to create more and better photography.

Fábio Azevedo Fábio Azevedo

Building successful careers

Discovering Camerapixo was really fantastic! Artur and Anetta are professionals worthy of the success they have achieved. Camerapixo's support for photography professionals encourages more and more people who are passionate about photography to become successful professionals in their careers around the world. Camerapixo is an example of professionalism and commitment to the world of photography. Keep it up! You are to be congratulated for your exemplary work. Thank you so much Camerapixo.

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