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Alex Soh Alex Soh

Well selected a range of great photographers

It was a great pleasure to published with Camerapixo. I have never come acrossed a photography magazine that trurely page after page showing just all beautiful pictures. You have also well selected a range of great photographers and a black background website that brings out all the beautiful colors of each image. I guessed you really understand the mind and heart of every photographer, because you are one of those. Thank you!

Howard L. Smith Howard L. Smith

I am truly honored to have my work published

Since being published with Camerpixo I have seen marked increase in traffic to my web site and working with true professionals like Artur and Annette has been a blessing.  The care and quality that they put into each of and every issue of the magazine is truly amazing as Camerpixo is one of the best magazines that I have seen in sometime. I am truly honored to have my work published along side such talented photographers from around the world so much so, that often times I wonder if I even deserve to be among them as their work is an inspiration to all that view their images.

Philipp Jakesch Philipp Jakesch

Being published in Camerapixo matters

This wonderful photography community gives the opportunity to get seen and discovered with photography even in modern times where every day millions of photos flood the web. I am very, very proud to be part of it.

Allan Borebor Allan Borebor

Your Prestigious magazine helped me to show and share my photography work globally

Every time my image is published in your prestigious magazine, I am deeply humbled and honored. Thank you Artur and Anetta for supporting us throughout the years. The publication helps me show and share my work with others. You have an outstanding publication and I will continue to support your work.

Mike Shaw Mike Shaw

I cannot thank Camerapixo enough

I was featured in an issue of Camerpixio last year and the exposure was fantastic, not only was I featured to a lot of other photographers that I admire but I was put onto a web site that reached a great many of the general public. I had a few leads develop directly from this. I cannot thank Camerapixo enough.

Brad Olson Brad Olson

Masterfully curated and beautifully printed

Getting published is great, but all publications are not equal. The Camerapixo volumes are masterfully curated and beautifully printed. These are my favorite pieces to share with clients and friends.  The quality of the photography is very inspiring and it is such an honor to be included in these publications. Thank you very much! 

Thierry Dehove Thierry Dehove

Real "book" you want to keep even if there is digital

In the jungle of free publications that made us professional photographers, Camerapixo is a rare magazine to be savored each month, layout, format, the choice of photographers make it a real "book" you want to keep even if there is digital. It is an honor to be part of one of the issues, an honor to be part of this community that I respect so. Great job. Please do no stop us dreaming, traveling, especially to help. Anetta thank you, Artur thank you.

Baber Afzal Baber Afzal

Presentable and amazing online magazine

Camerapixo is a really presentable and amazing online magazine for photographers who want to draw inspiration from other well-known photographers in the community. At the same time they also represent the photography community at large by showcasing some of the best works of photographers from every corner of the World!

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