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Spyros Papaspyropoulos Spyros Papaspyropoulos

What an amazing opportunity!

I was amazed when the camerapixio team approached me asking me if they could publish one of my photographs in the next hot shots photography issue! It was such an unexpected surprise! So, naturally I jumped at the opportunity that Camerapixo gave me and I agreed to share the photo they had chosen. Less than 20 days later, I got an email that said that my photo had already been published in Hot Shots Vol.2 along with the awesome photos of other smashing photographers from all over the world! What an honor, what an amazing feeling! I am an amateur photographer. I take pictures just because I love doing it. It is my passion and what drives me is the life that surrounds me on a daily basis. Thank you Camerapixo for helping me share my snaps to the world! Thank you for publishing my work!

Arturo Solis Arturo Solis

Camerapixo - the greatest discovery

Finally a publication which puts the photo quality and innovation before the weight of the name of the photographer, Camerapixo has been for me the greatest discovery in the net in recent times. A fresh new space where I can promote myself and meet other photographers, new faces. A place to discover new places and new sources of inspiration. But above all, a place where I can enjoy looking at photographs of the highest quality that  can be found today. Camerapixo will be among my favorites no doubt.

Moataz "Cazlo" Moataz "Cazlo"

Being published really matters!

Being published really matters!.. I appreciate very much your efforts to bringing up this creative peace of art with a fine design and class. Being published in Camerpixo simply means your work is class, I am really thrilled to be included in many issues, Now you let me challenge myself to keep being included on the upcoming issues, thank you for giving me such a motivation... keep up the great work

Paul Hamilton Paul Hamilton


First introduced to Camerapixo through Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar from the group (en)Visionography the new Black and White Fine Art. After being invited to submit one of my images I was delighted to be chosen and have my image published in the first (en)Visionography book alongside many talented fellow photographers. The quality of the graphic design and physical feel to the publications from Camerapixo are simply stunning and are the best I have seen. Since my first published work with Camerapixo I cannot get enough and have since been selected and published further in more titles and, I am very honoured to be a part of these quality Fine Art publications with world wide coverage for it's photographers. True quality deserves promoting, when ever I can a take the opportunity to tell people of Camerapixo I do, because there is a real passion shared by the publishers and the photographers of which becomes obvious by the final beautifully designed and quality look and feel of the final publications using Fine Art quality media which great photographs deserve.

Star Rush Star Rush

Clearly embracing photography and artists

I was honored to have a series of my photography published in Camerapixo, edition No.14. The publication's diverse selection of photographers and photos are an inspiration, regardless of one's level of expertise. Artur Heller's commitment and dedication to the photographer's craft is evident in all aspects of Camerapixo, from the community he builds among photographers to the care and sensitivity he displays when working photographers, like myself. Camerapixo positions itself for the future, clearly embracing photography and artists telling stories across our globe, regardless of media or technologies. The image tells the story, and camerapixo shares those stories.

Neil Kremer Neil Kremer

Gain a larger audience

In a time when too many people are trying to emulate others, Camerapixo is one of few photography publications that spend time looking for “undiscovered” talent that is unique and bold. I often look at them for new inspiration, for “a different point of view.” Being featured in one of their editions gave me the confidence to keep exploring new methods of photography and graphic design as well as gain a larger audience. It’s truly been a pleasure. Thanks.

David Hendrawan David Hendrawan

one of the most amazing and beautiful portfolios I've ever witnessed

It is still in my mind, when first time Artur contacted me through email to publish one of my photos in CAMERAPIXO issue, called "Hot Shots" in the middle of February 2013. Since that time, as an amateur, I was so motivated to create and process my photos just like the professional photographers in the magazine. I find that CAMERAPIXO’s tagline "We Inspire", is not just a word but really a strong word, realizing that every page of photo published in the magazine was shot by the professional photographer and the best result indeed.  I believe it is not an easy effort for Artur and Anetta to collect masterpieces from all over the world, and lay them out in a great picture album like CAMERAPIXO magazine. One greatest moment for my career in photography came when my other photos were published in the newest issue of CAMERAPIXO magazine "Pose & Style". Artur and Anetta really know what they are doing and the result, as you can see is one of the most amazing and beautiful portfolios I've ever witnessed, which, I believe, is a benefit for me as a portrait photographer. When I ordered the printed version of the magazine, I was surprised that the magazine looks more like a photo album with great printed copy and nice cover than an ordinary photography magazine. You won’t regret to have them all as collectible items. If I have to give only one word for CAMERAPIXO, I will say "Outstanding"! I really love their works and magazines and I think you will love them too.

Didier Demaret Didier Demaret

Camerapixo is a source of inspiration

First, I still wanted to thank you for publishing my work in the first issue of Black and White photography "Lost and Found". I am very honored and proud to be published in your magazine along with the other talented photographers. Camerapixo is a source of inspiration with a beautiful layout and images of high quality. We can see that you put all your heart. Since this publication, the visits on my website and social networks are increasing. It pushes me to work even harder still hoping to work with you! Thank you very much to both of you, you do a fantastic job, allow an amateur photographer like me to present his work is great. Good luck and all the best for the future.

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