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Paolo Sini Paolo Sini

A new vision for a high quality photography platform

When I discovered Camerapixo I was really impressed by the different vision of Anetta and Artur. Camerapixo was more than an online magazine, much more than a photography community, taking the best from both. I found a new place to improve my skills, compare styles and different photographic choices, gain greater visibility. I joined it with no doubts and I found a perfect combination of professional organization, friendly support and high quality products. The opportunity to publish some my work beside great photographers is priceless for me, and I can only do the best compliments to Anetta and Artur for their outstanding job.

Attila Akac Attila Akac

Camerapixo has been an inspiration and a driving force to me

Life changing experience. My initial occupation is Interior Designer but I have always loved Photography. I think of it as one of the most interesting and amazing forms of Art. Through the past year, due to some personal issues, I have found shelter in Photography. It gave me the opportunity to freely express my feelings and my view of the world. The whole team of Camerapixo has been more than helpful to me. Their passion and professionalism on their work, also contributed to my decision to change my life and provoked me to pursue Photography professionally. Camerapixo has been an inspiration and a driving force to me. I honestly thank them for their influence and support.

Jordana Wright Jordana Wright

A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style

Since the advent of photography, people have sought to curate the finest imagery in one location with the ambition of sharing and maintaining a dialogue between both photographers and their audiences. Never has there been a finer example of this than Artur Heller's Camerapixo. A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style readability, Camerapixo showcases not only excellent photographers, but also there stories and techniques. This is truly a magnificent publication deserving the attention of any serious photographer or lover of fine art. Kudos to Camerapixo magazine for being an innovator in a field where so many seek to be different and fall short. Highly recommended!

Garth McKay Garth McKay

I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine

The loving attention Artur and Anetta gives to their photography magazine, Camerapixo, is evident from the first encounter. Their attention to detail, their impeccable curation, range of photographers and styles and presentation of images is breathtaking. They have exposed for us all extremely talented but perhaps unheralded photographers from around the world in their beautifully organized and presented ebooks that brim with serious visual impact. As a street photographer I particularly enjoyed their presentations of international contemporary street photographers and the linkages Arthur and Anetta provides to exploring these photographer's works many of which are regular contributors on Google Plus, and I now call friends. I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine, as well as, their special issues which never fail to impress. Artur and Anette we photographers are in your debt. Anyone fortunate enough to grace the pages of Camerapixo will be proud to do so given your gracious and professional treatment of us photographer's and our work, your great eye and warm hearts for our shared love of photography. We are fortunate indeed!

Allan Borebor Allan Borebor

Your Prestigious magazine helped me to show and share my photography work globally

Every time my image is published in your prestigious magazine, I am deeply humbled and honored. Thank you Artur and Anetta for supporting us throughout the years. The publication helps me show and share my work with others. You have an outstanding publication and I will continue to support your work.

Valentino Valkaj Valentino Valkaj

Publishing your work really matters after all

I discovered Camerapixo two years ago and since then I am tracking their improvement. All the time they are updating the experience we photographers and readers have and they are doing a terrific job. Since I was published and awarded for the first time last year in We Inspire 05, my followers are increasing, I made it from 2000 followers on FB page to more than 4000. Publishing your work really matters after all.

Javier del Cerro Javier del Cerro

The most inspiring photography magazine I've seen

Camerapixo is the best magazine for everyone who loves photography, both beginners and professionals. Inspires you. Thanks to Anetta and Artur for the great work they do with this great magazine. Thanks to them hundreds of photographers can display their impressive images to the world by publicizing the beautiful places on Earth. Personally it has helped me grow as amateur photographer in the world of photography. It's great access of learning on how images may be an inspiration for my work.

Nelson Oliveira Nelson Oliveira

My photography work reached many more people

I met Camerapixo almost since the beginning and what made me become a follower was the fact that Camerapixo is really about photography. In Camerapixo you get in touch with great works and great photographers. It's not about gear or settings. It's about photos! And unfortunately that isn't so common today. Recently I collaborated with Camerapixo and the truth is that my work reached many more people and I'm getting that feedback pretty quickly. For anyone like me, an enthusiast, Camerapixo haa what it takes and it's an amazing platform and a great way to share my work. Collaborating with Anetta and Artur is a pleasure since they are quite responsive and are always there to give us an answer.

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