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Spyros Papaspyropoulos Spyros Papaspyropoulos

What an amazing opportunity!

I was amazed when the camerapixio team approached me asking me if they could publish one of my photographs in the next hot shots photography issue! It was such an unexpected surprise! So, naturally I jumped at the opportunity that Camerapixo gave me and I agreed to share the photo they had chosen. Less than 20 days later, I got an email that said that my photo had already been published in Hot Shots Vol.2 along with the awesome photos of other smashing photographers from all over the world! What an honor, what an amazing feeling! I am an amateur photographer. I take pictures just because I love doing it. It is my passion and what drives me is the life that surrounds me on a daily basis. Thank you Camerapixo for helping me share my snaps to the world! Thank you for publishing my work!

Philip Gunkel Philip Gunkel

Get the help you need to establish your photography business

Camerapixo is in my humble opinion simply the leading photography magazine on the market today with an unmatched image quality and a superior overall design. It offers far more then publishing your pictures and getting worldwide exposure. With Camerapixo you can build your network in an active community and evolve your style by learning and exchanging from other artists. You can create a descent looking profile, order your own Press ID-Card and discover interesting recources like tutorials, books, workshops etc. To sum it all up on Camerapixo.com you can get the help you need to establish your photography business on the market.

Athena Carey Athena Carey

Exposure, Education and Community

Camerapixo is here for you: Exposure, Education and Community. In a world where it seems everyone is a photographer, it can be difficult to find your place and to stand out. Camerapixo is here for you, to help you be seen both in print and online. They consistently deliver beautiful photography magazines in print and digital format and offer photographers a platform to create stunning online galleries. All photographers have more to learn, even the most experienced of us. Camerapixo is here for you, to help you find learning resources: books, interviews, tutorials and courses and experiences – workshops and tours around the world. We all want to feel a part of something. Camerapixo is here for you, providing a supportive and enthusiastic community for photographers of all levels, beginners to professionals.

Mark Seawell Mark Seawell

I hope to be published again

I want to take this moment to thank Camerapixo for publishing our photos! Having your images published in a magazine this prestigious is very much an honor and seeing your images like this is very exciting. Anetta and Artur are very passionate about photography and it really show in the care and respect they show for our images. Thank you again and Lutgart and I hope to be published again!

Garth McKay Garth McKay

I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine

The loving attention Artur and Anetta gives to their photography magazine, Camerapixo, is evident from the first encounter. Their attention to detail, their impeccable curation, range of photographers and styles and presentation of images is breathtaking. They have exposed for us all extremely talented but perhaps unheralded photographers from around the world in their beautifully organized and presented ebooks that brim with serious visual impact. As a street photographer I particularly enjoyed their presentations of international contemporary street photographers and the linkages Arthur and Anetta provides to exploring these photographer's works many of which are regular contributors on Google Plus, and I now call friends. I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine, as well as, their special issues which never fail to impress. Artur and Anette we photographers are in your debt. Anyone fortunate enough to grace the pages of Camerapixo will be proud to do so given your gracious and professional treatment of us photographer's and our work, your great eye and warm hearts for our shared love of photography. We are fortunate indeed!

Ravikumar Jambunathan Ravikumar Jambunathan

You will start respecting your work and that is very important

Until we get published, we will never know what publishing means and how it transforms an artist psychologically. I was never published before. I discovered Camerapixo about a year back and browsed through their impressive gallery and amazing photographers. After seeing the quality of the magazine, I decided to submit my image for publication with very little confidence due to past rejections from other publishers. Surprisingly, I received the approval and honestly I couldn't believe myself. It was so exciting and very rewarding to see my image published in a book among great photographers. It drastically improved my confidence and I started respecting my work. Respecting our own work is very important to be successful and one will never get that until we get published. I am very proud to be a part of this community.

G. Brad Lewis G. Brad Lewis

Fresh and provocative

Camerapixo is an amazing visual resource with fresh and provocative imagery and stories. I am honored to be a part of such a high quality production. Thanks to Anetta and Artur J. Heller for their ongoing excellence.

Brawi Santoso Brawi Santoso

The most beautiful and inspiring online magazine

Camerapixo is the most beautiful and inspiring online magazine. I was honored when I was asked to submit my work to Camerapixo magazine. I feel very privileged to be part of such a talented group of International photographers, which work continues to inspire me everyday. I also very much appreciate all those kind words of encouragement from all great inspiring photographers. I would like to thank Anetta and Artur for such a fantastic opportunity for my work to be published.

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