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Kuki Walsch Kuki Walsch

Top quality in every respect

I want to send my sincere appreciation to Artur and Anetta Heller who are doing such a great job in featuring so many photographers around the world on Camerapixo and their magazines. The presentation on Camerapixo and the edition of the magazines are of top quality in every respect. They reflect great creativity and innovative skills of not only talented artists but also professional editors and publishers in their doings. As I feel highly honored to find several of my humbled works not only presented but also awarded in this prestigious exposures I want to deliver my respect and a big 'Thank You' to Artur & Anetta Heller and the Camerapixo Team. Thank you for your passion and your care!

Brawi Santoso Brawi Santoso

The most beautiful and inspiring online magazine

Camerapixo is the most beautiful and inspiring online magazine. I was honored when I was asked to submit my work to Camerapixo magazine. I feel very privileged to be part of such a talented group of International photographers, which work continues to inspire me everyday. I also very much appreciate all those kind words of encouragement from all great inspiring photographers. I would like to thank Anetta and Artur for such a fantastic opportunity for my work to be published.

Shrideep Nanal Shrideep Nanal


It is a great pleasure to publish with Camerapixo. CP Team having innovative topics which photographers can inspire to take photos. Thanks to Artur & Anetta giving a platform to photographers like me to publish in CP Magazine in more than 50 countries. It is great opportunity to present own work to very wide audience in easy way, also to find a lot of inspiration from other artists. I’m looking forward for future opportunities to publish my photos continuously and keeping enjoyable relationship with you.

Jeff Austin Jeff Austin

Given many photographers a creative outlet for their work

First off, Thank you. It is a simple phrase, but it conveys my appreciation, respect and happiness for your hard work and dedication at Camerpixo and to be part of such company is humbling. As a professional photographer it is difficult to balance commercial work with artistic endeavors. Artur and Anetta Heller have given many photographers a creative outlet for their work. An outlet that is sleek, stylish and allows the images to shine above all else. It is through their hard work, passion and dedication that my hard work, passion and dedication can viewed by so many. The process of uploading images and reviewing the draft of the magazine was handled with the utmost professionalism. All of my questions were quickly answered, leaving me with a feeling that all of images would be cared for as if I were doing the work myself.

Dawid Martynowski Dawid Martynowski

Day by day I noticed a significant increase in visits

It was a great honor to have my work published in Camerapixo. The appearance in eBook "Inspiring Photographers". Being published among other talented photographers has become an important event in my life. Admiration and pride that I owe the team Camerapixo that saw my pictures, gave me the motivation and even more fun with what I do. I am a regular reader of Camerapixo published magazines and eBooks. High image quality results in viewing the collection of photographs from around the world with pleasure. There are many words to define such an impressively prepared publications, everyone who will view it for the first time will become Camerapixo regular reader. Since the appearance of my photographs in the magazine and eBook, interest in my website as well as profiles on Facebook, Flickr and Google + has increased. Day by day I noticed a significant increase in visits and a strong interest in new subscribers on my social networking profiles, this is due to Artur and Anetta Camerapixo team. I highly recommend Camerapixo for creating your own eBook in exchange you will get professionalism at the highest level. Thank you Artur and Anetta and wish you every success.

Hien Nguyen Hien Nguyen

Prestigious exposure for photographers

It was such an honour to be featured in Camerapixo Black and White Vol 1 issue, thank you very much. Prestigious exposures like this are even more important to new photographers like me. The layout is stunning, professional and the quality of images featured is superb! I believe Camerapixo will continue going onwards and upwards to be the most premier online Photography Magazine. I can't wait to see what's next and submit more of my works! Again, many thanks to you Anetta, Artur and the Camerapixo team. With all the best.

Athena Carey Athena Carey

Exposure, Education and Community

Camerapixo is here for you: Exposure, Education and Community. In a world where it seems everyone is a photographer, it can be difficult to find your place and to stand out. Camerapixo is here for you, to help you be seen both in print and online. They consistently deliver beautiful photography magazines in print and digital format and offer photographers a platform to create stunning online galleries. All photographers have more to learn, even the most experienced of us. Camerapixo is here for you, to help you find learning resources: books, interviews, tutorials and courses and experiences – workshops and tours around the world. We all want to feel a part of something. Camerapixo is here for you, providing a supportive and enthusiastic community for photographers of all levels, beginners to professionals.

Ashok Viswanathan Ashok Viswanathan

Beautiful and beyond expectations

Thank you for the layout. It is beautiful and beyond expectations. I am greatly honored to see some of my work in your lovely magazine. Thank you for this opportunity. Camerapixo is one magazine that goes out of its way to find and promote little known photographers who produce excellent work. It's a show case for people like myself who do not have other opportunities or avenues to publish their work to a large audience globally. Being published certainly matters and can be very motivating for an up coming photographer. I think Camerapixo has filled a gap in the publishing world with its high quality online publication. As a amateur photographer I have enjoyed seeing the immense talent you manage to track down and bring to your pages. I must mention that the tonal quality and resolution  of the reproduced images in your magazine is outstanding.

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