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Colby Brown Colby Brown

Finally a high quality magazine that focuses on photography

It is refreshing to see a high quality photographer magazine that actually focuses on photography, rather than ads. I love the independent nature of Camerapixo and how it lifts up emerging artists and gives them a viable platform to get their name out there. Too often publications focus on just those few at the top of their craft in their respective genre of photography. Camerapixo seems to be for everyone, and that is a breathe of fresh air! 

Chirag Khatri Chirag Khatri

Camerapixo is one of the greatest platforms for Photographers to show their work

Camerapixo is one of the greatest platforms for Photographers to show their work to the world. It is more than just a Photography Magazine, it's a community completely dedicated to photography! As a member of Camerapixo I could find, meet and see so many brilliant Photographers of the world and see the amazing work they do! In a way it is a learning platform too, where I can learn from the infinite data that Camerapixo has to offer in form of information and images shared by all the users. I'm happy, being an active member to this community and part of Camerapixo Publication. Being Published MATTERS!

Kevin Bessat Kevin Bessat

More than a magazine... a family!

Camerapixo is not just a group or a magazine, it is way more than that. The family gathers some of the best photographers, it is an infinite source of inspiration and above all, it is a family. Join the family and you will experience a totally new way to share, talk, live photography. Thank you and congratulations to Anetta and Artur for the constant work you are doing on Camerapixo and to give me the chance to be published!

Noémie Vieillard Noémie Vieillard

Editorial line of beauty

The day I discovered Camerapixo I said wow! I found beautiful pictures, an editorial line of beauty, and an open mind. My luck was to have had the chance to be selected and published several times, it is a great pride. The icing on the cake is Anetta and Artur who are always available and very friendly. In short, a magazine that deserves a long and beautiful life! 

Borislav Troshev Borislav Troshev

Exceptional vision and content

When I was invited by Camerapixo to participate in their magazine, I was flattered that my work was chosen by editors who appreciate exceptional vision and content. I wish to more rapidly develop with Camerapixo filled with magical images. And I hope to work together in the future.

Emily Roper Emily Roper

Amongst other brilliant photographers

I feel truly honored to have been counted amongst the brilliant photographers published in Camerapixo magazine. Anetta and Artur were fantastic to work with. They approach photographers and their works with a lot of respect and understanding, which is made even more clear by the slick and professional layout of the magazine. So thank you Artur and Anetta, I truly admire your work. It is both incredible and invaluable, and I wish you both all the best for the future of Camerapixo.

Ines Cvitić Ines Cvitić

Magazine that shows the beauty of the world

 I thank Anetta & Artur for the opportunity to be a part of Camerapixo. It's great to discover this magazine, where you can enjoy the works of various photographers of the world and their art. Magazine that shows the beauty of the world in an elegant and tasteful way makes Camerapixo place for relaxation and enjoyment. Thanks again Anetta & Artur for the opportunity, I'm honored.

Tal Flint Tal Flint

Camerapixo magazine is truly great

I was surprised and honored when Artur J. Heller contacted me and asked to publish my work in the coming issue of Camerapixo. I read the previous publications, and loved the way it concentrates around photographers and photography, rather than ads. it's been a great pleasure working with you from the day you contacted me, though the process of selecting the images to the final article. Keep up the great work, your magazine is truly great.

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