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Ashok Viswanathan Ashok Viswanathan

Beautiful and beyond expectations

Thank you for the layout. It is beautiful and beyond expectations. I am greatly honored to see some of my work in your lovely magazine. Thank you for this opportunity. Camerapixo is one magazine that goes out of its way to find and promote little known photographers who produce excellent work. It's a show case for people like myself who do not have other opportunities or avenues to publish their work to a large audience globally. Being published certainly matters and can be very motivating for an up coming photographer. I think Camerapixo has filled a gap in the publishing world with its high quality online publication. As a amateur photographer I have enjoyed seeing the immense talent you manage to track down and bring to your pages. I must mention that the tonal quality and resolution  of the reproduced images in your magazine is outstanding.

Chirag Khatri Chirag Khatri

Camerapixo is one of the greatest platforms for Photographers to show their work

Camerapixo is one of the greatest platforms for Photographers to show their work to the world. It is more than just a Photography Magazine, it's a community completely dedicated to photography! As a member of Camerapixo I could find, meet and see so many brilliant Photographers of the world and see the amazing work they do! In a way it is a learning platform too, where I can learn from the infinite data that Camerapixo has to offer in form of information and images shared by all the users. I'm happy, being an active member to this community and part of Camerapixo Publication. Being Published MATTERS!

Tomasz Slawinski Tomasz Slawinski

Where light plays a big role

Quite recently I thought that my pictures are at the level of publications on social networks and blogs. However for some time I started to post them on the Camerapixo site and publish my photos in the magazine. I also found there a lot of inspiration. Thank you for being there and letting me you believe in myself!!! Now my world is more colorful than ever.

Jacek Łabędzki Jacek Łabędzki

Camerapixo is the best platform to promote photography

Photography for me is the ability to observe the world around me, pay attention to the important things, sometimes beautiful, sometimes dramatic. Closing the world in the image when you press the shutter, the man wants to share his insights, draw attention to a significant problem or simply show them to others. It would seem that in the age of the Internet should not be a problem, and yet... Despite the many portals or photographers organizations and offering to exhibit their work, I couldn’t find a place that would meet my expectations. Always something missing or I had to compromise. That changed when I found Camerapixo. Camerapixo is an excellent platform to promote the work of photographers from around the world.


This is the place for professionals and also for amateurs, and what is very important, that is not creating any division. Functionality and aesthetics are on the highest level! The offer and their user support as well as digital and printed publishing magazines Camerapixo are perfectly executed. It's an amazing feeling to see your photos published in a way that Camerapixo does. Its creators: Anetta and Artur engage not only their full attention, experience and professionalism, but also their heart. They built a great team of experts, consisting of artists and excellent professionals, recognized in the photographic industry worldwide. The opportunity to publish their work alongside so many brilliant photographers is for me a great honor. Moreover, it is very inspiring and motivating.


An interesting proposal from Camerapixo is Press Card for independent photographers (Press ID). In my case it turned out to be very helpful and frequently being applied, opening the door to many events. In my opinion CAMERAPIXO is the world's best platform to promote photography and photographers.

Michael Levesque Michael Levesque

My premier source for photographic inspiration

I first learned about Camerapixo through the (en)Visionography facebook group and the publication has become my premier source for photographic inspiration. I was overjoyed and humbled when I learned that one of my images was selected to be published. Subsequently, I have gained a great deal more exposure and confidence. Through their dedication and vision, the editors Anetta and Artur Heller have developed a unique concept; there is a real sense of community. The quality of the publication amazes me and I continue to look forward to upcoming issues.

Ravikumar Jambunathan Ravikumar Jambunathan

You will start respecting your work and that is very important

Until we get published, we will never know what publishing means and how it transforms an artist psychologically. I was never published before. I discovered Camerapixo about a year back and browsed through their impressive gallery and amazing photographers. After seeing the quality of the magazine, I decided to submit my image for publication with very little confidence due to past rejections from other publishers. Surprisingly, I received the approval and honestly I couldn't believe myself. It was so exciting and very rewarding to see my image published in a book among great photographers. It drastically improved my confidence and I started respecting my work. Respecting our own work is very important to be successful and one will never get that until we get published. I am very proud to be a part of this community.

Allan Borebor Allan Borebor

Your Prestigious magazine helped me to show and share my photography work globally

Every time my image is published in your prestigious magazine, I am deeply humbled and honored. Thank you Artur and Anetta for supporting us throughout the years. The publication helps me show and share my work with others. You have an outstanding publication and I will continue to support your work.

Garth McKay Garth McKay

I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine

The loving attention Artur and Anetta gives to their photography magazine, Camerapixo, is evident from the first encounter. Their attention to detail, their impeccable curation, range of photographers and styles and presentation of images is breathtaking. They have exposed for us all extremely talented but perhaps unheralded photographers from around the world in their beautifully organized and presented ebooks that brim with serious visual impact. As a street photographer I particularly enjoyed their presentations of international contemporary street photographers and the linkages Arthur and Anetta provides to exploring these photographer's works many of which are regular contributors on Google Plus, and I now call friends. I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine, as well as, their special issues which never fail to impress. Artur and Anette we photographers are in your debt. Anyone fortunate enough to grace the pages of Camerapixo will be proud to do so given your gracious and professional treatment of us photographer's and our work, your great eye and warm hearts for our shared love of photography. We are fortunate indeed!

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