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Moataz "Cazlo" Moataz "Cazlo"

Being published really matters!

Being published really matters!.. I appreciate very much your efforts to bringing up this creative peace of art with a fine design and class. Being published in Camerpixo simply means your work is class, I am really thrilled to be included in many issues, Now you let me challenge myself to keep being included on the upcoming issues, thank you for giving me such a motivation... keep up the great work

Gavin Heffernan Gavin Heffernan

Excellent presentation and care

An exciting opportunity for exposure, but more importantly, a place to learn from fellow photographers. We were really humbled by the level of quality and innovation in Camerapixo, and inspired at the chance to have our work featured, with fifteen shots beautifully laid out in the magazine, with excellent presentation and care. It was a great honor to be part of the artists sharing their work and we hope to have future opportunities to be part of the publication!

Vincent Gulizio Vincent Gulizio

High quality publication and Press Card helped me in my photography journey

I was invited by Camerapixo to join their team of photographers and I am so glad I did. They put out a high quality publication and they inspire me to use my visual talent in the best way possible. They are great to deal with and I was published in their HOT SHOTS magazine. This has helped me in my journey to realize the dream I have always had – To be a photographer. I have used the PRESS CARD to get access to subjects I would normally have a hard time photographing. The PRESS CARD helps me when I want to inquire about photographing sensitive locations like high profile commercial real estate or events that are taking place in NYC. I will continue to be a member of Camerapixo for the foreseeable future, and I plan to continue submitting my work for more publishing opportunities!

Sarah Martinet Sarah Martinet

Camerapixo is really a great concept

Camerapixo is really a great concept, very different from what we usually see on the web. The various magazines are always very good, always stunnig images in. I am very proud to have been invited to take part in it. Personally it allows me to discover new talented photographers. I swear long live to this site.

Dr. Akira Takaue Dr. Akira Takaue

I’m extremely pleased that this magazine could definitely understand and embrace photography conception

It’s a great honor that CAMERAPIXO photography magazine has published my photography and has used my photo for the cover and beautifully edited and featured an article. This magazine is never just a common photography magazine but carefully and efficiently edited, both of constitution and alignment of published images with beautiful image scanning. And the mood, colors, letter fonts and image contrast of each page have been perfectly edited. I’m truly impressed. Besides, I’m extremely pleased that this magazine could definitely understand and embrace photography conception of the word “Conceptual Cityscape” and that a specific portfolio regarding my characteristic architectural photography could be organized. This achievement is a measurable step for me, and I believe that efficiently educational relationship with talented the photographers in the world, seen throughout several international photo galleries, brought me such brilliant opportunity. I’m looking forward to continuously receiving your efficient instructions and keeping enjoyable relationship with you, sirs and ma’am. I would like to close by saying again thank you very much, Artur and Anetta.

Sergio Lanza Sergio Lanza

Camerapixo has a totally different style and philosophy

I'm really proud of being a member of Camerapixo. For me, this magazine / community has a totally different style and philosophy from all the rest of famous photography websites we all have known in the last years. Once you are a member, you instantly realize that Anetta and Artur are there to help you with everything, and that they really care about your work and want you to succeed. You don't get just the promised tools, but also personal and creative ideas, comments, and help. It's like having a personal manager who tries to help you with your work, and who also knows the business perfectly. I really love all the amazing tools provided in Camerapixo, and the great opportunities it brings for my career, but apart from that, here you get something more, that personal touch from Anetta and Artur that makes you feel like home, great people that care about you and your business too. Photography needs more things like this nowadays, and not just another "new" sharing website, so this is the best possible place for you and your work.

Mohammad Rahman Mohammad Rahman

It's unique in its own style

I am honored to be published in Camerapixo Magazine Issue HOT SHOTS 17 - WE INSPIRE, among other few of my friends photographs, as Being published matters! I greatly appreciate, dear Artur and Anetta to consider my art works and to publish in your unique photography magazine. Special thanks to Anetta for answering all of my queries - good stuff!

Stamatis Platounaris Stamatis Platounaris

Gain worldwide exposure among both other photographers and photography buyers

I am really glad I’ve discovered Camerapixo as well as the charming people behind it! In a world that is abundant with photography, it gets more and more difficult to screen the visual clutter and keep only those images that matter.  For the same reasons, getting exposure as a photographer and the right eyes to look on your work, is getting also harder daily.  Artur and Anetta, have put together photography publications of exceptional quality that foster some of the world’s best photographers and their work.  By joining Camerapixo, you not only meet the works of great photographers, but also gain worldwide exposure among both other photographers and photography buyers.  Their market leading magazines, shine with superb image and print quality as well as state-of-the-art design.  What’s more, with Camerapixo you get access to some of the best tutorials and insights in the industry straight from really experienced professional and amateur photographers.  Now, take all these benefits and wrap them up with a great bunch of available and friendly people and you have Camerapixo! Thank you Artur and Anetta for the great opportunity you give photographers to promote their work and advance their skills!

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