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Ian Brumpton Ian Brumpton

Lead to commissions this year

I was featured in the first edition of Camerapixo and I can honestly say it actually brought me in contact with a lot of new followers and a couple of connections that should lead to commissions this year. The magazine has also introduced me to the work of some amazing photographers and quite a few of them I am happy to now call friends!

Gerald Verdon Gerald Verdon

Stunning top quality work

I had the chance to know Artur and Anette Heller when they invited me to present some of my street work in Camerapixo. Although is always difficult, for a photographer, to deliver photos without having the final control over the way they will be published and presented, this process was surprisingly well prepared, cleverly accompanied and pretty smooth: overall, very professional. The publication itself, in all its versions, has proven to be a stunning top quality work. I’m still proud to link to my own mini port-folio on Camerapixo, as well to those of many great photographers I admire.

Neil Kremer Neil Kremer

Gain a larger audience

In a time when too many people are trying to emulate others, Camerapixo is one of few photography publications that spend time looking for “undiscovered” talent that is unique and bold. I often look at them for new inspiration, for “a different point of view.” Being featured in one of their editions gave me the confidence to keep exploring new methods of photography and graphic design as well as gain a larger audience. It’s truly been a pleasure. Thanks.

Lexy Page Lexy Page

There's something very special about the publications produced by Camerapixo

When Artur Heller contacted me asking me to submit to this new publication I was joyfully excited!  I've been asked for submissions to other publications, online & print but there's something very special about the publications produced by Camerapixo. These publications are fresh and vibrant. The imagery is the highest quality and the talent producing such fine work is truly inspiring!  It's so refreshing to see such wonderful works from such a diverse selection of talented photographers. I'm very flattered to have been included in such an amazing pool of talent. Thank you so very much Artur Heller, Camerapixo & Pose & Style for featuring some of my work! I can't wait to share this publication!

Tal Flint Tal Flint

Camerapixo magazine is truly great

I was surprised and honored when Artur J. Heller contacted me and asked to publish my work in the coming issue of Camerapixo. I read the previous publications, and loved the way it concentrates around photographers and photography, rather than ads. it's been a great pleasure working with you from the day you contacted me, though the process of selecting the images to the final article. Keep up the great work, your magazine is truly great.

Ignacio Navarro Ignacio Navarro

Magazine, packaging, editing, display and print quality makes Camerapixo a must and highly recommended experience

It is always a rewarding experience to value the work and passion, that you put, into what you do. And that's how Camerapixo does, and more specifically Artur and Anetta, they make it a unique experience. Work and quality of Camerapixo is felt immediately after receiving the "expected" magazine, packaging, editing, display and print quality makes Camerapixo a must and highly recommended experience. I would like to thank them for being to be able to present and publish my work through Camerapixo magazine, which is set to become a leader in the world of photographic publications. "Being able to share your work with the best, in such a large and diverse world, you feel at least most of it”. Thank you very much Camerapixo.

Vincent Gulizio Vincent Gulizio

High quality publication and Press Card helped me in my photography journey

I was invited by Camerapixo to join their team of photographers and I am so glad I did. They put out a high quality publication and they inspire me to use my visual talent in the best way possible. They are great to deal with and I was published in their HOT SHOTS magazine. This has helped me in my journey to realize the dream I have always had – To be a photographer. I have used the PRESS CARD to get access to subjects I would normally have a hard time photographing. The PRESS CARD helps me when I want to inquire about photographing sensitive locations like high profile commercial real estate or events that are taking place in NYC. I will continue to be a member of Camerapixo for the foreseeable future, and I plan to continue submitting my work for more publishing opportunities!

Renato Paz Renato Paz

Camerapixo is a photographic bible

It's a pleasure to be part of this bible and being with good photographers. Reading the magazine is an inspiration to photography and one way to be visually linked with various photographic perspectives. Even more than that because behind these images is the culture of each photographer in the form of identity which connects the world. Thanks Artur and Anetta - Camerapixo team for keeping up good work.

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