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Garth McKay Garth McKay

I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine

The loving attention Artur and Anetta gives to their photography magazine, Camerapixo, is evident from the first encounter. Their attention to detail, their impeccable curation, range of photographers and styles and presentation of images is breathtaking. They have exposed for us all extremely talented but perhaps unheralded photographers from around the world in their beautifully organized and presented ebooks that brim with serious visual impact. As a street photographer I particularly enjoyed their presentations of international contemporary street photographers and the linkages Arthur and Anetta provides to exploring these photographer's works many of which are regular contributors on Google Plus, and I now call friends. I always look forward to the monthly editions of their magazine, as well as, their special issues which never fail to impress. Artur and Anette we photographers are in your debt. Anyone fortunate enough to grace the pages of Camerapixo will be proud to do so given your gracious and professional treatment of us photographer's and our work, your great eye and warm hearts for our shared love of photography. We are fortunate indeed!

Borislav Troshev Borislav Troshev

Exceptional vision and content

When I was invited by Camerapixo to participate in their magazine, I was flattered that my work was chosen by editors who appreciate exceptional vision and content. I wish to more rapidly develop with Camerapixo filled with magical images. And I hope to work together in the future.

Kevin Holliday Kevin Holliday


There is not another online photographic community that supports its members in the same top-quality manner as does Camerapixo, and their subsidiary social media group Being Published Matters. We are all focused on the same thing here, and that is to reach the top of our game, but in such a manner that we each have the willingness to share how it is that we are making these steps. There is never a feeling of competition amongst the members, rather a sense of genuine friendship and acceptance that is apparent from the very top with both Anetta and Artur Heller.

The quality of both the website and the publications is second to none! To be published in even one of these magazines is a huge step forward to success with your art. I’m here to tell you that Being Published (truly) Matters. I have found a friendship here that is near and dear to my heart, and we are all here TOGETHER. That, my friends is the key word… TOGETHER. Aside from the worldwide exposure and recognition, you get support… whenever, wherever, and however. Add this to your portfolio and watch your skies open for success. Cheers!

Shirren Lim Shirren Lim

continually impressed by high quality publication both in digital and printed format

I stumbled upon Camerapixo a while back and I am continually impressed by the care they have taken to put out a high quality publication both in digital and printed format. Carefully curated, the magazine is full of inspiring images and stories. I am honoured to have my photos published by this esteemed publication. Thank you Artur, Anetta and the rest of the Camerapixo team for such an excellent work.

Andrea Musso Andrea Musso


I discovered Camerapixo thanks to a friend that is already part of the community, and I can say I am proud to be a member as well since just few weeks. The inspiration given by the other photographers and the shared passion from all of them is not only a source of inspiration but a feeling of being a part of a family of artists. The quality of the choice, the edition, the website and the overall concept is a top-level, never seen elsewhere on the net. Thanks!

Allan Borebor Allan Borebor

Your Prestigious magazine helped me to show and share my photography work globally

Every time my image is published in your prestigious magazine, I am deeply humbled and honored. Thank you Artur and Anetta for supporting us throughout the years. The publication helps me show and share my work with others. You have an outstanding publication and I will continue to support your work.

José Ramos José Ramos

One of the most interesting photography projects

Even though it's never too late, I certainly found Camerapixo later than I wanted. To be honest I would have wanted to know it since day 1, as it represents one of the most interesting photography projects of the present. This place represents pure artistic creation, driven by an apparently infinite enthusiasm and passion from the editors, which have been able to create an enormous diversity of publishing projects. As if that wasn't enough, the future is smiling, as there seem to be many interesting things coming from the minds of the Camerapixo staff. Can't wait to witness this project growing more and more each day.

Maciej Radochonski Maciej Radochonski

Truly unique magazine

Camerapixo has achieved something that others have failed to do. Anetta and Artur created a magazine, that is truly unique in its form. What makes it different is not only the handpicked photographs, but the people who are behind the scene of each publication. Camerapixo team has provided me with the highest level of professional service, that I have not experienced elsewhere. I am proud and honoured, that my photos are being published with one of the best photographers from around the globe. I feel motivated to working even harder on my photos and raising my own bar when it comes to quality. Excellent work Anetta, Artur and all the members! Keep it up!

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