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Mark Boyle Mark Boyle

The service you provide is invaluable

I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity of being published in Camerapixo #17. The exposure offered by your online magazine has been fantastic and it was a pleasure working with you during the process of getting my images published. For photographers like me the service you provide is invaluable and provides much needed exposure for our work. Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Best...

Tommaso Di Donato Tommaso Di Donato

Visibility, respect... a bit of fame!

There is not much left to say. I started reading and enjoying Camerapixo as a photography lover... I really appreciated the quality of the publication... and the love for photography that was absolutely visible in the curators... I was driven to Camerapixo by the work of great names, such Athena Carey... Fine art photography is easier to say than to find. What a great discover: an incredible magazine, full of inspirational names. And now? Now, after 2 years, I can say I'm one of the names that can be found in Camerapixo issues! Now my name is just side by side with great pros, and this is the best leverage for me to improve my work. I want to be up to my famous colleagues! And yes, I can't find the words to say how much Camerapixo did for me: visibility, respect... a bit of fame! Hard copy magazines with my picture as a front cover. Can I ask for more? Maybe, but I still don't know how!

Partha Roy Partha Roy

Extraordinary magazine

Camerapixo is a high quality, outstanding and extraordinary magazine which doesn't mind to showcase the quality photographer's work even if the photographer is an amateur. This magazine is created by talented people for the talented photographers. I would like to mention: Quality magazine with quality photos. Outstanding and invaluable service by the Artur J. Heller and Anetta G. Heller. Creative and Inspirational Less words and more photos which I believe a quality photography magazine should be. This is the photographer's true magazine.

Fabrizio Quagliuso Fabrizio Quagliuso

Innovative idea

Artur, Annette and the whole Camerapixo team are doing a sterling job with the Camerapixo magazine. Their innovative idea is supported by an extreme attention to the selection process, to the level of the work featured and to the quality of the final product that make Camerapixo stand out from other somehow similar magazines available on the internet. It is a pleasure to flick through the pages of every issue. I was thrilled to be featured on the magazine and it gave me the opportunity to make many new photographic contacts and make my work known to a wider audience. I heard that Artur, Annette and the team have other great idea for the future of Camerapixo and I am looking forward to seeing what they will come up with!

Francisco Jose Ruano Francisco Jose Ruano


I follow the magazine since its first edition came out, and the evolution of it has been so great that today, perhaps it is the best digital magazine for the amateur and professional photographer. A lot of photographic works can be viewed and enjoyed in the magazine in each of  the magnificent edition. Today I have been fortunate to publish several pictures, sharing pages with great companions and some friends. I hope this publication continues to enjoy for more years. Thank you Anetta and Artur, and all those who collaborate in Camerapixo for the great work you do.

Nelson Oliveira Nelson Oliveira

My photography work reached many more people

I met Camerapixo almost since the beginning and what made me become a follower was the fact that Camerapixo is really about photography. In Camerapixo you get in touch with great works and great photographers. It's not about gear or settings. It's about photos! And unfortunately that isn't so common today. Recently I collaborated with Camerapixo and the truth is that my work reached many more people and I'm getting that feedback pretty quickly. For anyone like me, an enthusiast, Camerapixo haa what it takes and it's an amazing platform and a great way to share my work. Collaborating with Anetta and Artur is a pleasure since they are quite responsive and are always there to give us an answer.

Didier Demaret Didier Demaret

Camerapixo is a source of inspiration

First, I still wanted to thank you for publishing my work in the first issue of Black and White photography "Lost and Found". I am very honored and proud to be published in your magazine along with the other talented photographers. Camerapixo is a source of inspiration with a beautiful layout and images of high quality. We can see that you put all your heart. Since this publication, the visits on my website and social networks are increasing. It pushes me to work even harder still hoping to work with you! Thank you very much to both of you, you do a fantastic job, allow an amateur photographer like me to present his work is great. Good luck and all the best for the future.

Brawi Santoso Brawi Santoso

The most beautiful and inspiring online magazine

Camerapixo is the most beautiful and inspiring online magazine. I was honored when I was asked to submit my work to Camerapixo magazine. I feel very privileged to be part of such a talented group of International photographers, which work continues to inspire me everyday. I also very much appreciate all those kind words of encouragement from all great inspiring photographers. I would like to thank Anetta and Artur for such a fantastic opportunity for my work to be published.

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