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Valentino Sani Valentino Sani

Refreshing experience

The day I discovered Camerapixo website and its various publications was a day that changed my perspective, it was really a refreshing experience to see so many wonderful pictures and discover new, formidable and inspiring talents. After a period of dissatisfaction with my photography, Camerapixo helped me to refresh my creative soul and start what I consider will be the final stage of my "career" in photography. Thank you Artur and Anetta for the great and inspiring work you are doing!

Jordana Wright Jordana Wright

A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style

Since the advent of photography, people have sought to curate the finest imagery in one location with the ambition of sharing and maintaining a dialogue between both photographers and their audiences. Never has there been a finer example of this than Artur Heller's Camerapixo. A perfect hybrid of online content and magazine-style readability, Camerapixo showcases not only excellent photographers, but also there stories and techniques. This is truly a magnificent publication deserving the attention of any serious photographer or lover of fine art. Kudos to Camerapixo magazine for being an innovator in a field where so many seek to be different and fall short. Highly recommended!

Star Rush Star Rush

Clearly embracing photography and artists

I was honored to have a series of my photography published in Camerapixo, edition No.14. The publication's diverse selection of photographers and photos are an inspiration, regardless of one's level of expertise. Artur Heller's commitment and dedication to the photographer's craft is evident in all aspects of Camerapixo, from the community he builds among photographers to the care and sensitivity he displays when working photographers, like myself. Camerapixo positions itself for the future, clearly embracing photography and artists telling stories across our globe, regardless of media or technologies. The image tells the story, and camerapixo shares those stories.

Philip Gunkel Philip Gunkel

Get the help you need to establish your photography business

Camerapixo is in my humble opinion simply the leading photography magazine on the market today with an unmatched image quality and a superior overall design. It offers far more then publishing your pictures and getting worldwide exposure. With Camerapixo you can build your network in an active community and evolve your style by learning and exchanging from other artists. You can create a descent looking profile, order your own Press ID-Card and discover interesting recources like tutorials, books, workshops etc. To sum it all up on Camerapixo.com you can get the help you need to establish your photography business on the market.

Sarah Martinet Sarah Martinet

Camerapixo is really a great concept

Camerapixo is really a great concept, very different from what we usually see on the web. The various magazines are always very good, always stunnig images in. I am very proud to have been invited to take part in it. Personally it allows me to discover new talented photographers. I swear long live to this site.

Mark Boyle Mark Boyle

The service you provide is invaluable

I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity of being published in Camerapixo #17. The exposure offered by your online magazine has been fantastic and it was a pleasure working with you during the process of getting my images published. For photographers like me the service you provide is invaluable and provides much needed exposure for our work. Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Best...

Jasper Resari Jasper Resari

Beneficial and inspiring

Publication of my work was not just beneficial to me but also inspired me to do more, it inspired me to do the things that i love to do in photography which is to express more about my passion in photography. I'm very thankful to your publication, and I wish you would allow me again to submit more photos.

Stamatis Platounaris Stamatis Platounaris

Gain worldwide exposure among both other photographers and photography buyers

I am really glad I’ve discovered Camerapixo as well as the charming people behind it! In a world that is abundant with photography, it gets more and more difficult to screen the visual clutter and keep only those images that matter.  For the same reasons, getting exposure as a photographer and the right eyes to look on your work, is getting also harder daily.  Artur and Anetta, have put together photography publications of exceptional quality that foster some of the world’s best photographers and their work.  By joining Camerapixo, you not only meet the works of great photographers, but also gain worldwide exposure among both other photographers and photography buyers.  Their market leading magazines, shine with superb image and print quality as well as state-of-the-art design.  What’s more, with Camerapixo you get access to some of the best tutorials and insights in the industry straight from really experienced professional and amateur photographers.  Now, take all these benefits and wrap them up with a great bunch of available and friendly people and you have Camerapixo! Thank you Artur and Anetta for the great opportunity you give photographers to promote their work and advance their skills!

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