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Magdalena Wasiczek Magdalena Wasiczek

Camerapixo never forgets photographers

I am very proud that my photos have been noticed by the authors and publishers of Camerapixo. I admire the huge commitment and professionalism in promoting photographers and their work. Camerapixo publishers offer us suite of modern and necessary tools and today services, photographers need to promote and present their own creativity. Camerpixo team is not only up to date with all the innovations, trying to even be a step forward. Artists who feel a little lost in the maze of modern marketing inventions can always count on help from the professionals of Camerpixo. Important to me is the fact that Camerapixo never forgets photographers who have been presented in the magazine... Artists are included in the ever-growing circle of photographers around the world, it allows to gain new contact and friends. Again, thank you for the opportunity to publish and I look forward to continued cooperation.

Angelos Konstantinidis Angelos Konstantinidis

Educational and profitable

My experience with Camerapixo magazine was educational and profitable. It made my work acceptable to many people and the same time, it made me believe in myself. The world of photography is competitive and it means alot for a photographer for his work to stand out and be well received. All that, thanks to you! Thank you again and keep up the excellent work you do! with Respect,

Dennis Maisel Dennis Maisel

I was amazed at the high quality of the publications every month.

I came across Camerapixo about a year ago. I was amazed at the high quality of the publications every month. I was also amazed at the great images from photographers all over the world. I became a member just a few months ago and am happy I joined. Artur and Anetta were a great help in getting me up and running after I joined. I applaud their dedication and the high standards of their publications. Thanks to them, we as photographers now have world-wide visibility of our work. My website has increased considerably in the amount of traffic I see every month. I feel honored that they have placed my work in several of their publications.

Colby Brown Colby Brown

Finally a high quality magazine that focuses on photography

It is refreshing to see a high quality photographer magazine that actually focuses on photography, rather than ads. I love the independent nature of Camerapixo and how it lifts up emerging artists and gives them a viable platform to get their name out there. Too often publications focus on just those few at the top of their craft in their respective genre of photography. Camerapixo seems to be for everyone, and that is a breathe of fresh air! 

Kuki Walsch Kuki Walsch

Top quality in every respect

I want to send my sincere appreciation to Artur and Anetta Heller who are doing such a great job in featuring so many photographers around the world on Camerapixo and their magazines. The presentation on Camerapixo and the edition of the magazines are of top quality in every respect. They reflect great creativity and innovative skills of not only talented artists but also professional editors and publishers in their doings. As I feel highly honored to find several of my humbled works not only presented but also awarded in this prestigious exposures I want to deliver my respect and a big 'Thank You' to Artur & Anetta Heller and the Camerapixo Team. Thank you for your passion and your care!

Gavin Heffernan Gavin Heffernan

Excellent presentation and care

An exciting opportunity for exposure, but more importantly, a place to learn from fellow photographers. We were really humbled by the level of quality and innovation in Camerapixo, and inspired at the chance to have our work featured, with fifteen shots beautifully laid out in the magazine, with excellent presentation and care. It was a great honor to be part of the artists sharing their work and we hope to have future opportunities to be part of the publication!

Maciej Radochonski Maciej Radochonski

Truly unique magazine

Camerapixo has achieved something that others have failed to do. Anetta and Artur created a magazine, that is truly unique in its form. What makes it different is not only the handpicked photographs, but the people who are behind the scene of each publication. Camerapixo team has provided me with the highest level of professional service, that I have not experienced elsewhere. I am proud and honoured, that my photos are being published with one of the best photographers from around the globe. I feel motivated to working even harder on my photos and raising my own bar when it comes to quality. Excellent work Anetta, Artur and all the members! Keep it up!

Tomasz Slawinski Tomasz Slawinski

Where light plays a big role

Quite recently I thought that my pictures are at the level of publications on social networks and blogs. However for some time I started to post them on the Camerapixo site and publish my photos in the magazine. I also found there a lot of inspiration. Thank you for being there and letting me you believe in myself!!! Now my world is more colorful than ever.

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