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Richard Terpolilli Richard Terpolilli

An Expression Vision and Style

“It’s not what you capture that matters it’s how you interpret it that matters and will elevate it from a snapshot to a work of art” ~ Alfred Stieglitz. I was recently introduced to Camerapixo and immediately discovered what I was missing. Their assemblage of fine art photographers publishing cutting edge creations in Camerapixo is unrivaled. Annetta and Artur Heller have encourage and chosen me to publish in their community of the celebrated world wide photographers; an honor and humbling experience. What impresses me most is Anetta’s and Artur’s dedication to us as photographers, their attention to detail within Camerapixo while elevating fine art photography to unprecedented levels on a global stage. Thank you for giving us the platform and the family of photographic artists to showcase our fine art interpretations. Be well & all the best,

Tommaso Di Donato Tommaso Di Donato

Visibility, respect... a bit of fame!

There is not much left to say. I started reading and enjoying Camerapixo as a photography lover... I really appreciated the quality of the publication... and the love for photography that was absolutely visible in the curators... I was driven to Camerapixo by the work of great names, such Athena Carey... Fine art photography is easier to say than to find. What a great discover: an incredible magazine, full of inspirational names. And now? Now, after 2 years, I can say I'm one of the names that can be found in Camerapixo issues! Now my name is just side by side with great pros, and this is the best leverage for me to improve my work. I want to be up to my famous colleagues! And yes, I can't find the words to say how much Camerapixo did for me: visibility, respect... a bit of fame! Hard copy magazines with my picture as a front cover. Can I ask for more? Maybe, but I still don't know how!

Kevin Bessat Kevin Bessat

More than a magazine... a family!

Camerapixo is not just a group or a magazine, it is way more than that. The family gathers some of the best photographers, it is an infinite source of inspiration and above all, it is a family. Join the family and you will experience a totally new way to share, talk, live photography. Thank you and congratulations to Anetta and Artur for the constant work you are doing on Camerapixo and to give me the chance to be published!

Mahmoud Ghedjatti Mahmoud Ghedjatti

Inspiring and encouraging

A BIG THANK YOU for making it easier for photographers to be published and giving exposure to the work that could have been unseen. For being under the spotlight, push us to work harder to create more and better photography.

Julia Anna Gospodarou Julia Anna Gospodarou

Being published REALLY matters!

When I first saw an issue of Camerapixio a few months ago my first thought was: “What an awesome high-class magazine! I want to be published here!”. I kept following the next issues of Camerapixio that were more and more compelling and professional looking. Till one day when I was approached by the amazing team Artur and Anetta and offered a feature in the magazine. Needless to say what an honor this was and what a great joy to have my work stand next to the so carefully chosen and so inspiring work of the photographers that Camerapixio features on its pages. The quality of the magazine is really outstanding, the rhythm of the images, the information, the way the photographers and their creations are presented is truly making the viewer want to know more about the ones whose photographs they see. Which is a great achievement for a magazine wanting to promote the best photography. The love for photography that the magazine and its creators show is so evident and contagious, it shows through every page and every image featured. What Camerpixio does in each new issue is showing first and foremost one thing: Being published REALLY matters!

Philipp Jakesch Philipp Jakesch

Being published in Camerapixo matters

This wonderful photography community gives the opportunity to get seen and discovered with photography even in modern times where every day millions of photos flood the web. I am very, very proud to be part of it.

Paolo Sini Paolo Sini

A new vision for a high quality photography platform

When I discovered Camerapixo I was really impressed by the different vision of Anetta and Artur. Camerapixo was more than an online magazine, much more than a photography community, taking the best from both. I found a new place to improve my skills, compare styles and different photographic choices, gain greater visibility. I joined it with no doubts and I found a perfect combination of professional organization, friendly support and high quality products. The opportunity to publish some my work beside great photographers is priceless for me, and I can only do the best compliments to Anetta and Artur for their outstanding job.

José Ramos José Ramos

One of the most interesting photography projects

Even though it's never too late, I certainly found Camerapixo later than I wanted. To be honest I would have wanted to know it since day 1, as it represents one of the most interesting photography projects of the present. This place represents pure artistic creation, driven by an apparently infinite enthusiasm and passion from the editors, which have been able to create an enormous diversity of publishing projects. As if that wasn't enough, the future is smiling, as there seem to be many interesting things coming from the minds of the Camerapixo staff. Can't wait to witness this project growing more and more each day.

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